Top 10 Misconceptions About Female Body

1.  Rape Can’t Make You Pregnant




This is one theory that has been going on for years and yet no one to stop this, it is believed that when a woman is raped the chances of her getting pregnant is slime but that is not a statement of fact, most of the time they eventually get pregnant and this is as a result of the time in which the man tend to release sperm into her during sexual inter-course, although this might not be pleasurable, yet it is not a denial of facts.

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2.  Horizontal Vaginas




This is one side of the tale that most people get it wrong although I haven’t seen one and I am sure you haven’t either, all we have seen is the vertical vaginas which is popular for the female gender, most people still believe that women in Asian countries exist with the horizontal vaginas but if I may ask, how would it be having sexual inter-course with such persons, this might just be true but the changes are slim.

3.  Driving Is Not Good For Women




Well believe it or not there is a saying which goes like this “what a man can do a woman can do best”. We cannot tell the authenticity of such information but based on some findings we have discovered that most parts of the Arab Nation they do not allow women to drive, simply because they believe it would destroy her womb, and if she is caught driving there is a penalty for it. So yes this law exist but not in every country.


4.  Myth of Maternal Impressions




Now this is one interesting story like I would say, you don’t just wake up to teach the children unborn things that you barely even believe in, how would you think that your imagination could create a new life for the child unborn, well I would like to say that is not through every child is a seed and each seed has a gene which is formed to take the character of either parents, your outward threats cannot influence the unborn child.

5.  Breast Armor




So many talk on this issue and here is just another one, first there was a theory which stated that the breast is placed at the chest so it can be viewed by men, second is that the breast is has a mutual beneficial relationship with the heart and the third is that the breast is created in two in other to be of warm effect to the body, thereby reducing the level of cold that comes around the chest. What do you believe?

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6.  Aristotle’s Ideas




Despite the fact that Aristotle is respected and popular for his actions and words, it doesn’t stop the fact that he is also human and he is bound to make mistakes, lets take a look at this, he made mention of the fact that women are the deformed version of men which is more or less saying that women have no rights as men, I don’t agree with this. Women are as important as men in any given society.

7.  Education Weakens The Womb




This is one part I don’t still understand, you don’t have to be told to know that this is not true in any sense, and this has created a lot of room to discourage individuals from going to school. Education has nothing to do with the womb.

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8.  Virgins Restore Youth




Most believe that when a man lays with a virgin, she has the power to bring him strength and make him feel young again. Thus this could only be a myth and they are not proof to it.

9.  Clitoris As Penis




When I first heard of this it was difficult to believe that some take the clitoris to be the woman penis, simply because it has a sense to create sensation during sex.

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10.  Menstrual Mysticism




As we know it over the years menstrual cramps and the likes as they call it is said to be the time where there is a change from the old blood for new flow, keeping the woman more healthy.