Top 10 Most Bizarre But True Divorce Stories

1.  Sex Issues




We all know that women love their man active in bed and they would do anything to keep him if that’s possible, but in this case a woman had to leave her relationship after her husband penis extension broke during sex, he promised to fix it and made changes over time but yet she was tired of his inability to satisfy her in bed.

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2.  Olympics Play




In as much as we all love the sports there are just some families that would go the extra mile just to show how dedicated they are to making things work. There is this family in China where the wife had to leave the relationship because her husband was promoting the Olympics.

3.  Woman Left For A Dog




It is important you know that relationships are to be built on the bases that no matter what happens you would stand by each other, here a 50 years relationship broke due to the fact that her husband gives food to stray dogs who by the way he had no ties with, this is weird but the worse part is when you find out that he spends his entire pension money doing this and leaving the wife with no food to eat.

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4.  Mother In Law


Mother In Law


How would you meet a woman who can’t stay with you and your mother in law in the same house and eat on the same time due to pride, well in this case we have seen it that this woman couldn’t stand her mother in law and chose to give her relationship a quit.

5.  Age Barrier




The woman who loved her husband so much to get married to him at the time was willing to do anything at that point to take her relationship to the next level after ten years, but unfortunately for her, her husband found out that her age wasn’t what she claimed to be and for that reason he filed in the papers for a divorce. This is absolutely weird.

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6.  She Was Scared




There is this time that women would pray for the best man in their lives but not in all cases, like we know it this couple who had lived knowing that her husband loves to keep every area tidy, couldn’t deal with it anymore and filed for a divorce saying that her husband cleans too much and she is scared to stay.

7.  Couple Broke Because Of A Quickie




I don’t like this story one bit but yet I would tell it just the way it is, there is this couple who is suppose to have been together till death do them part, but the 81 years husband who was married to his 83 years wife, was found cheating in the office, he failed to close the curtain during sex with a 30 years old woman.

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8.  Parrot Got Trouble




Who would have imagined that a relationship built by two people would finally end us for an animal? Well yes you heard it, these couples have loved each other for so many years and at the point they had everything they wanted but then the parrot which was supposed to talk about anything just kept repeating the word divorce, that was just the way the parted.

9.  30 Years With No Look




This is a Terrible situation, this amazing couple has been married for 30 years and counting, but yet her husband never really got a look at the product he had laying with him all these years, on a night during their 30th year together the husband chose to make things right by taking a look into her covered dressed and she flared up requesting for a divorce.

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10.  Inability To Consummate


 Inability To Consummate


You would really want to know that I do not support match makers in as much as it has worked for so many I do not believe in it and would not try it, there was this couple who marry through that channel and after a year they were unable to have sex due to the woman giving various excuses, without looking back her husband was forced to file in for a divorce.