Top 10 Most Colorful Cities in the World

1.  Italy




We must have known by now that there is something really special about this country, needless to say of the things in the city as a whole, so many have traveled around the world and there are only a few colorful places like this all around and I am proud to share it with you and the rest of the world. The homes in this city are colored like priceless jewels and this is really significant.

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2.  Cape Town




Standing out next is the beautiful city in South Africa which has really been of an excellent deal to its visitors, I would like to tell you a thing or two about this amazing city, Bo-Kaap is a town which was formerly known as the Malay Quarter and this is simply because they kept those slaves who have been selected for shipment to Malaysia. They have an mosque and other colorful homes, this was formerly the Muslim area.

3.  Curacao




I can bet that you have no idea where this can be located and what it even means, but not to worry I would guard you through in slow pace, this is a dazzling Caribbean Island, it is somewhat around the Dutch men who have clearly made their mark. They were able to make this very useful and productive, bringing out the best of every material they could find at the time. Today we call it the World Heritage Designation.

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4.  Jodhpur




There is always a place that happen to always attract the eyes and that is because of what has been created by man, they have been so many changes in this area and one of is the class segregation which not a lot of people are aware of at the time. They have colored their houses in the hue color just to make it look different and unique, this is a way of telling the world the caliber of people who live in such areas.

5.  Cuba




I love this city, looking at the landscape is one of the most interesting part of the city, the great colors used and all. It is a reflection of what has been over the years, showing how natural the environment has been, creating a kind of peace of mind. This also has what we have known as the San Francisco convent and is part of the World Heritage sites. You would be happy to come stay at Trinidad.

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6.  Turkey




If we were looking at other factors around this topic, I do not believe this city would have made it to this category but for now we are just going to tell you why this is been picked.  Balat, Instanbul is known for the men with the hats, they are called Jews, the city has a tourist attraction for its kind of structure, its street has been one of those anticipated walk ways, with so many colors and nice buildings.

7.  Salvador




When you hear the name Salvador, you should note that this is one city that bears the name of the Portuguese word, and this is recorded to be one of the first slave homes around the continent, I know that is something you don’t already know, but now you know. Just months going years after which the slavery was stopped in the country, they experienced a down fall in the beauty of the city, but till date is still regarded as one if the best.

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8.  South Carolina




If you have been looking for absolute uniqueness, now I must advise that you know that this is where to be, they have created something really spectacular for the world to see, and this is simply the Easter egg colored homes. The colors have helped so many around the city to remember where they ought to be, it is seen as a guard line, to help other who may have gotten drunk find their way back.

9.  Spain




Looking at the way the world has shaped color home we can tell that the reasons are numerous, and this is really why they have an outstanding performance and relationship with the rest people around the world. Juzcar, is one of the modern buildings they have created over the years and this is why it is stands out till date. If you haven’t seen the Hollywood movie Smurfs, I would advise that you do and then you would know they are colored so.

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10.  Chile




We speak of colors not forgetting the shapes; Valparaiso has one of the greatest upward created homes, which also stands as the World Heritage sites. It has so much history behind its existence; this has made it one of the most visited places all over the world.