Top 10 Most Damaging Computer Virus

1.  I Love You




This is one kind of virus that is powerful but yet looks lesser, you just might have chosen to neglect the features of this particular virus but its functions shouldn’s be overlooked at any point in time. The virus has its history line to causing over $10million worth of damage all over the world so if you think you can just let this one slide into your computer then I must say you have endangered your files and your computer as a whole.

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2.  Code Red




 The first virus that was seen in this form was in the year 2001 and it was discovered by the amazing two digital employees that indeed saved the day, without them alot would have gone bizarre. The history and origin to the name of the virus is deep, as a result due to the fact that the employees were having a drink with the code red on it while the discovery was made, that is the essence of the name generation.

3.  Melissa




I like the name of this cutie but let us take a look into why the name was created and the function of this cutie, as we know it regardless of the fact that names are nice the effects are not always encouraging. The name was gotten from an exotic dancer in Florida, the virus as we know it was first seen in the word document. It would popup as a list of pornography sites, this way people are forced to open it and contacting the various that sends scams to the top 50 mailers on your email listing.

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4.  Sasser




This is one virus that is been created by a computer science student it is known as the windows worm which was officially launched in 2004, what this particular virus does to your computer is very simple and precise, it would first cause the computer to be slow and then it would block every means of turning off the computer, after words the computer becomes very hot and then it would crash eventually. Leaving you with no information or whatsoever.

5.  Zeus




When I first heard of the virus Zeus, I just had a game pop up in my mind and I felt it would be just other game threat and all but I don’t think it is anymore, this is the father Trojan virus that infects windows in other to enable it to carry out other criminal crimes, this can either be in the man in the browser keylogging or through unauthorized downloads from untrusted sites, this way you may be prone to such. In U.S alone it has a record of over 1 million infected computers.

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6.  Conflicker




The name is translated configure but created and written in German, the file made its first appearance in 2008, it is known as a worm and the authorship till date hasn’t been found, it infects computers using what is known as botnets which first looks into the flaws of your computer and then works its way through that channel till it get what it wants. On its first creation the virus has been able to infect over 9million computers all around the world, that is inclusive of the government and local businesses.

7.  Stuxnet




Believe it or not this is one virus that has brought two countries together in other to fighting cyber crimes, it is said to have been created by the Israel defence alongside their American partners. It is created to end the cyberwarfare and this is also created to end the nuclear efforts created by the Iranians, you may ask if this actually worked, well it did and for the purpose it was created ruinned 1/5 of their nuclear centrifuges.

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8.  Mydoom




This is the fastest email worm after the origination of what we know are the cyber worm, this is better and worse than what we know as I LOVE YOU, this does more harm than that of others. So many believe that the author was paid to make this happen as it sends a text to the users and then creating a sting on computers, it was named my the antivirus computer worker (McAfee) this was when the war started, they have tried to control it but it has failed couple of times.

9.  Cyptolocker




This is simply the opening of what has been hid for a while, meaning that the virus has the power to lock all files until authorised to open them by the measure of payment.

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10.  Flaskback




This is not about history in school or some family dispute, this is a virus and should be seen as such. It is also a trojan which was first discovered in 2011.