Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

1.  Big Wave Surfing


Big wave surfing


This is a fantastic sport which is done in most parts of the world, it is highly dangerous for the chances are slim, you don’t have to be the best surfer to get on this, all you need do is know that basics and be careful. The wave could get as high as 100 foot which is very intimidating, it is a competitive sport can winners could receive cash prize as high as $100.000.

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2.  Heli- Skiing


Heli- Skiing


As the name sounds heli- skiing it simply has to do with helicopters, it can be best described as off-trail, downhill snowboarding or skiing, accessed through a helicopter. So many passionate patrons book this sport a year ahead to leap on the snow from peaks far away from human inhabitation, and then ski down. Not been considerate of the climatic change if there be any they are willing to go ahead.

3.  Scuba Diving



I guess you never knew that scuba diving means self-contained underwater Breathing Apparatus, this is simply used for breathing under water, although it sound wonderful it come with its perils. One thing you need to take to heart is that you mustn’t be too fast while diving in, as a result this may cause decompression illness, which includes bends, spinal cord, and brain injury.

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4.  Cave Diving


Cave Diving


This is an unusual sport which is carried out by brave minds, as it includes underwater diving with partial water content. The equipment needed for this ranges on a different plain which does include the scuba diving configurations. Some of the failure of this sport may include lighting failure and low level of visibility, which can lead to separation from partner. Air loss is just another peril, mostly because one can’t just rise to the surface and catch air.

5.  Bull Riding


Bull Riding


Bull riding which is also known as the rodeo sport, in which the riders mount at the back of a larger bull and tries to stay on top for a period of time, trying to beat the record placed. This is a very dangerous sport as the nature of the bull cannot be determined, mostly mounted by macho men on a bull that weighs over 1800 pounds.

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6.  Base Jumping


Base Jumping


This is an Acronym for high jumps from places like Buildings, Antenna, Span, and Earth meaning cliff. Base Jumping is essentially calledparachuting; this is a fixed structure in which individuals hurl themselves, as exciting as this may seem spreading through the air with the win running through the hair. There is a chance of been thrashed by the wind, and this is illegal in most countries.

7.  Street Luge


Street Luge


Street luge has the characteristics of the skateboard except for the fact that this time, the rider is in a supine position on the luge board or sled, as he dashes down a paved road on a high speed. The legality of this extreme gravity activity is a shady issue.

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8.  Mountain Climbing


Mountain Climbing


It is not too hard to understand the risk of rock climbing which could either be fort and back of the highest mountains, the risk in this sport is high as the climber could face broken bones, twisted ankles, torn ligaments, sprained muscles, or frostbites.

9.  BMX




The bicycle motocross known as the BMX is a cycle sport, although they are different kind of bikes but BMX happens to be the best which are ridden in the sport. Bikes try to win through the challenges of the rocky road and come out on top.

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10.  White Water Rafting


White Water Rafting


This is a perilous outdoor activity in which an inflatable raft is the motor of the day used to navigate through the water, or its other components. As the environment varies so does the techniques bring new challenges to the riders. Some causality may occur which would include: broken bone or twisted knees.