Top 10 Most Endangered Forests in the World

1.  Eastern Afromontome


Eastern Afromontome


Geologically this can be located along the edge of Africa, from Zimbabwe in the south to Saudi Arabia in the north. It comprises of tropical, subtropical moist broadleaf forest. It is said that forest created through volcanic mountains, and this is as a result of its incredible lakes that houses over 617 species which isn’t found in any other part of the world.

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2.  Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands


Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands


This forest is a cut off from african mainland. Over half for the population does not have access to fresh water resources.

3.  Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa


Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa


The coastal forest may be tiny and fragmented, but it comprises of broadleaf both tropical and subtropical forest. Despite its qualities the coastal forest holds one of the biggest threats, which happens to be agricultural expansion. Over 10% of the forest covers agriculture and commercial farming, due to the poor soil quality.

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4.  Floristic Province in California


Floristic Province in California


This forest has a Mediterranean type climate. The tropical and subtropical broadleaf forest houses the giant sequoia, the world largest living organism. It’s comprises of the largest birds which are breed here, many large mammals have gone extinct. It doesn’t have good roads, and this happens to be a major threat.

5.  Mountains of Southwest China


Mountains of southwest China


It has the largest dam in the world which includes the three gorges dam, and other dams on the river side has destroyed 8% of the original habitat. It is illegal to hunt here but some still do it, overgrazing and firewood collection are some of the primary threats. Most of these threatshave affected species as the giant panda, and so many other species in the river system.

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6.  Atlantic Forest in South America


Atlantic Forest in South America


It spreads long the coast line of Brazil, part of Paraguay, Argentina. This includes the offshore boarders of archipelago Fernando, and other islands off the coast of Brazil. Most of the species endangered in this forest include, lion tamarins, and six bird species are found here. It is a home for sugarcane and coffee plantations, urbanization have threaten about 8% of its original habitat.

7.  Philippines Asia Pacific


Philippines Asia Pacific


The hotspot spreads across 7000 islands and over 6000 plant species can be counted in the tropical and subtropical moist forest. The Philippine eagle and the largest eagle in the world can be found here, not forgetting the amphibian species like the flying Panther, frog with adaptations for gliding with its extra flapped skin, webbed toes and fingers. The forest is practically clearly regularly for farming and accommodation of rising population leaving 7% of its habitat.

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8.  Sundaland Asia Pacific


Sundaland Asia Pacific.


You would not be wrong to call this the industrial forest and International export of animal trade for food, medicine and fauna here. Rubber, oil palm,and pulp production as well as illegal logging and non- timber forest has left only 7% of the original habitat. The hotspot spreads across half of the western Indo- Malayan, including Borneo and Sumatra.

9.  New Caledonia


New Caledonia


Located at the in te group of islands in the south Pacific . The tropical and subtropical broadleaf forest houses at least five endemic plant families including the world only parasitic conifer. This is a tiny area of the south pacific approximately 1200km from Australia. Deforestation, Nickel mining, and invasive species  are the main reasons only 6% of the forest is left.

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10.  Indo- Burma


Indo- Burma


The agricultural land space of Indo Burma, has mineral exploitation and sprawling urban areas. It is region it has turtles, birds and freshwater fish species not leaving out the world largest ones. The ecosystem comprises of the largest catfish in the and golden crap, it possess the shrimp aquaculture ponds where over fishing and other fishing have destroyed over 5% of the ecosystem leaving its original habitat.

This may sound cliché but it is to say that the deterioration of the environment is an important aspect; at this time it is pertinent to note that the survival of the forest now lies in the hands of humans to reserve its existence.