Top 10 Most Famous Stairways Around the World

1.  Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


The Angkor Wat temple brags of  famous steps, even though the steps which leads to the upper levels of this ancient temple complex are recorded to be so steep that tourist and climbers will usually hoist themselves up with help of their hands like babies, this doesn’t stop the attraction which tourists have towards this location.

2.  The Paílón del Diablo stair, Ecuador


The Paílón del Diablo stair, Ecuador


The Paílón del Diablo is a genuinely substantial waterfall (situated on the Pastaza River) only 30 minutes from the town of Baños in Ecuador. It is thought to be a standout amongst the most prevalent attractions in the zone. The name of the waterfall in Spanish ( Paílón del Diablo) implies in English “Cauldron of the Devil”. It is allowed to view it from the suspension span, you can pay around 0.50$ and walk the way that get nearer to this astounding waterfall.

3.  Lysefjord, Norway


Lysefjord, Norway


Total number of steps of this special edifice spans a total number of four thousand, four hundred and forty four.  The Flørli Stairs has something special at its topmost level for its climber; you get spanning views of a fjord from a mini sized village.

4.  Schlossberg Clock tower


Schlossberg Clock tower


The Schlossberg clock tower is the primary fascination of Graz, Austria, obvious from all parts of the city, and from the highest point of it, Graz and its surroundings regions. To get that that perspective, visitors need to scale the Schlossberg Stairs at the most distant end of Schlossberg tower. The stairway comprising of 260 stages, are cut into the substance of the Schlossberg Hill, forward and backward to the clock tower and the highest point of the slope hill.

5.  Canyon Stairway


canyon stairway


The Grand Staircase alludes to a colossal arrangement of sedimentary rock layers that stretch south from Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, through Zion National Park, and into the Grand Canyon National Park.

In the 1870s, geologist Clarence Dutton initially conceptualized this area as a colossal stairway rising out of the base of the Grand Canyon northward with the bluff edge of every layer shaping monster steps. Dutton partitioned this layer cake of Earth history into five stages from the most youthful (highest) rocks:

6.  Tianmen Mountain, China


Tianmen Mountain, China


The staircase of the Tianmen mountain in China is quite scary for some especially people with phobia for height. It is widely considered that mountains that surround this famous staircase was the inspiration behind the setting of well known comic production “Avatar” as the geography of Pandora was modeled after the edifice.

7.  Tiger cave temple


Tiger cave temple


With a total number of one thousand, two hundred and thirty seven steps, the popular Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand known as the tiger cave temple is one of its kind.  The tiger cave temple   has a stair which leads to the limestone cave, two different mini stairways which submerge to complete itself into a strenuous set of stairs which leads its users up to the glorious Buddha statue. All stairs must be climbed to reach the statue.

8.  Montagne de Bueren, Belgium


Montagne de Bueren, Belgium


History had it that at a time, the villainous Duke of Burgundy actually controlled Liege sometime in 1400s,nevertheless,  patriots were recorded to have marched up this historic staircase with the intention of  overthrowing the duke but, the team of patriots actually had a failed mission.

9.  Chand Baori


Chand Baori


Three thousand five hundred steps (3500), sixteen (16) storeys extending to about one hundred feet (100 ft), the beautifully patterned steps of Chand Baori leads the user down amazingly to the cool water that goes down the history.

 You might have noticed the picture of the location in several scenes of some Bollywood movies like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. In India, Chand Baori which can be found in Rajasthan is among the deepest and largest step wells in the country. The edifice was a project constructed  in the city a long time ago, as a result of drought occurrence in Rajasthan and Chand Baori was the resulted solution arrived by the city with its main objective been to store water for a good numbers of years i.e. substantial duration.

10.  Taormina Stairways


Taormina Stairways


The Taormina stairs in Sicily Italy is sure an attractive and beautiful stairway known specially for its art work and narrow feature, the stairways remain a beauty to behold and it is fun for the stairways lover who visits Sicily either for vacations, tourism or simple citizens from other parts of the country who are in search of new adventures.