Top 10 Most Influential Leaders of Europe

1.  Napoleon Bonaparte



The books have spoken of him, journalists have written about him, the world has felt his presence, he is the French Emperor who accomplished some liberal reforms throughout Europe.

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2.  Adolf Hitler



The German Dictator, he is the founding father of the Nazi Party, we all know the popular slogan he carried out during his time and this was a reign for a long time. Hail Hitler.

3.  Joseph Stalin




Joseph is one of the Soviet Union leaders and dictated socialism as a concept replacing the existing economic policy; this is one change that really had an impact in the lives of so many round the world.

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4.  Peter the Great




He is the Russian Emperor and ruler coming after old political and social systems with the scientific and modern system based on the enlightenment of the 17th century. Great founded the first Navy base in Russia in September 1698, located in Taganrog.

5.  Benito Mussolini



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He is the founder and leader of the National Fascist Party. He served as Italy prime minister from 1922 up to 1943, terminating his term in an expulsion. The vote on Grand Council of Fascism led to the defeat of Mussolini after the Allies invaded Italy, and the leader got arrested on 12th September 1943 by Victor Emmanuel II, who was also a king.

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6.  Henry VIII




He is the King of England and he also rules the nation of France and Ireland, just after the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Henry VIII was the second Tudor dynasty that succeeded his father, Henry VII. He is a key player in the separation of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England. After much achievement he declared himself the Supreme Head of England Church in 1536.

7.  Winston Churchill




When you speak of the powerful and influential leaders during the war, you have to remember the man that stood there to make changes to the game, Winston Churchill. He is the British Politician who was also serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from the early 1940’s to late 1945 and served in the same position again starting 1951 and stayed in office for 5 years.

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8.  Karl Marx


Karl Marx


It is great talking about prominent people who have stood for something and has been of great impact over the years, Karl Marx is just one person that indeed would always be spoken off, he is one of the principal architects of the modern science, we are talking about the German historian, journalist, Philosopher, sociologist, economist  and revolutionary socialist. Marxism is a common term used to describe his view in economics.

9.  Queen Elizabeth I




We all know that there is no better monarch than that of the person of Queen Elizabeth who is the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty. She was the Queen of both Ireland and England, this is an amazing power to hold on to, and during her era was also the reign of her name couple with most modern persons in history including Francis Drake and the popular Shakespeare William.

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10.  Vladimir Lenin




This is Russia known theorist and he is a revolutionary communist, he has served his country for many years in the aspect of been the head of the Russian Soviet Federation Republic and also known as a leader of the Soviet Union which started in 1921 till he left. He started a peace treaty which he also signed for with Central Powers which started the new revolution, he is amongst the 100 most prominent persons in 20th century by times magazine.