Top 10 Most Popular Dragons of All Time

1.  World of Warcraft




I love the color blue not to speak of when you have it as a dragon, this would be my favorite pet of all time just because of the color I don’t mean I really need one though lol. Well she is an ultra-powerful dragon who could channel the spirits of the dead dragons and when she was killed by humans she came back to live as a zombie. What would be worse than that?

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2.  Elliot




For the animator lovers we should know Pete’s Dragon which is large and green, it has got a funny face and this is what makes it interesting, the pink hair just made it more hilarious and this is why I would recommend this to you so you can tell me what you think at the long run after you have read that of other dragons. In the movie the dragon would protect the young Pete.

3.  The Magic Dragon


The Magic Dragon


Have you seen magical movies where you are never sure about the trick? In the case of the magic dragon was closely no different from what we knew, Piff the magic dragon was accompanied by his assistant the Chihuahua Mr. Piffles, some believe his Facebook page which says that he is an original dragon and that who does magic, since he had it posted, there is an atom of truth that must lie with the story placed.

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4.  Tooth and Claw




Avan is a lover of dragon that keeps them safe; in a writing he is portrayed as the one that would always be there for the dragons, he is a brave attorney who dares to challenge the power of ancient dragons in court. Although we know that other dragons are dangerous and would fight till the death then eat up their young, but this is not the case of Avan, this has made him a badass dragon which uses his head instead of his claws.

5.  Dragons in D-War




Even if the movie is not amongst my last rated of all time, I could still pick the image of the dragon and the effect created were pure and this is why I could give them some credit, they have been able to make it nice, looking into the eyes of the dragon I was pleased I could see the movie at lease I did not just feel bad because of the dragon. It is best they work on their next movie in other to have more people engaged.

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6.  Draco




Have you seen Dennis Quaid and the undistinguishable voice of Sir. Sean Connery who played the role of Draco the dragon. The night is set and the die is cast after the knight Bowen is betrayed by his former student and vows to kill every last dragon. Finally when Draco and Bowen would meet they had to build a bong that lasted forever, they are just the perfect match.

7.  Spyro the Dragon




It is a cute, small, purple dragon, he has been on screen since 1998. This act was created by Charles Zembillas, he is cocky but yet courageous spyro. He was discovered a hero when he had to save his fellow dragons who were trapped far.

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8.  Burninator




Trogdor is the first internet sensation who gained popularity from those platforms; he has a theme song which made him more popular in his days. The popularity made them add the song to the game guitar hero 2; this was just after the debut in 2003.

9.  Mushu




He is popular from the Disney movie Mulan where he was the protector and guardian, the voice was by our very own Eddie Murphy.

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10.  Toothless




This is not the finest dragon but he has a great heart for the owner, he is seen as a Night Fury one of those dragons that are not easy to control as the rules it possess are numerous.