Top 10 Most Prestigious Film Festivals Around the World

1.  Dubai International Film Festival


Dubai International Film Festival


I love this city, call it the richest in the world well you would not be wrong, they are rich in their style and way of life; it is one of the biggest metropolia in the world that grew from desert to becoming more attractive in the year. The Dubai International Film Festival which started in 2004 and since then it grew rapidly, to the city big enough to enter the list of the biggest festivals in the world.

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2.  Zurich Film Festival


Zurich Film Festival


This is incredibly the European newcomer who has taken over the industry in a short time, this is very unique, it has hosted the biggest festival in the world which held September 25th to October 5th. The Gala event premiers of the major movies occur at the festival, the event is all about the European movies as it has clearly shown over time especially the ones from Germany which is still the highest.

3.  International film festival Rotterdam




The cinema event which took place in Rotterdam, attracts film lovers around the world every year starting from the January 25th till February 5th with approximately 350,000 people on an average goes there for the movie premier each year and this includes the critics and the film lovers who have helped to push the event to the next level making it part of the top and biggest events of all time.

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4.  Sundance Film Festival




In the City Park of Utah, it is where the biggest movie and most important ones are held in the United States. If you are a movie lover you should not miss this for anything, this is as important as your next meal. Just unless you are not a true movie fan then you can stay back home and watch the screen with a little popcorn if you know what I mean. Don’t just sit there, get off that chair and go have some good time.

5.  Melbourne International Film Festival




Talking to the Southern states then you would be talking to Melbourne, because this is the biggest movie event in the southern hemisphere, the iconic event has lasted over 50 years and it is known for its presentations and uniqueness, it takes place for over sixteen days in a roll and this is one of the longest family histories and has created a household name for itself.

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6.  Seattle International Film Festival




This is SIFF the movie event festival of over 40years known for its niche in movies and documentaries which have given them a prominent name over the years, the organizers are known for this which has given them a spot in the biggest film festival, the most prestigious award which can be won by a film on this festival is the Golden Space Needle award.

7.  Toronto International Film Festival




This is the biggest film festival in Canada which was found in 1976 and since then it has been a prestigious stage of the acts. The awards like People’s Choice and The Best Canadian Feature Film are given to the winners in this festival, it takes place from Monday till the next 11days, and it has approximately 40screens and nearly 450,000 people in attendance each year.

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8.  Berlin International Film Festival




This is most popular and most visited event in the whole of Europe and the whole world, Berlin International Film Festival is a member of the Big Three alongside the Cannes and Venice, it is also known for having one of the prestigious awards in the world of cinema, the Golden Bear and it is given to the winner of the best film on BIFF.

9.  Venice Film Festival




Looking for the most anticipated event of the year that would be the Venice Film Festival, it has a massive turnout of the crowd each year, this is where everybody gathers to experience the newest work of art.

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10.  Cannes Film Festival




It is rated as the number one rated Film Festival around the world and this is not only because of the presence it brings, it is simply because they have a way of winning the hearts of the crowd with an outstanding performance. The festival is deeply opened to everyone that loves movies, regardless of your age and size you are welcome to the event of the year.