Top 10 Most Shocking Reality TV Moments

1.  The Real Wives of Berverly Hills



Just after the actress Taylor Armstrong filed for her divorce with her husband, not too long he was found dead as a result of emotional struggle, he was found hanged in his Los Angeles home. It is said that so many things had happened before that time, he has so many challenges which included his $1.5 million debts. The couples are known for their none nature to outdo each other and that is why they spent time living an unrealistic life.

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2.  Megan Wants a Millionaire



Jenkins was found dead of an apparent suicide, knowing he was a killer by the station he was also allowed to partake in the show for the period, this is one of the most controversial period of the acts life. He is known for the fact that he killed his wife and he is rated one of the 17th wealthy contestants. Just after the news broke about his involvement with the case the station suspended the show which has aired over three times.

3.  Could Sarah Palin have Really Been Booed?



The lady who flew to Hollywood to support her daughter Bristle Palin on the role of Dancing with the stars, it is reported that the audience actually booed her, I know that is really embarrassing and in no way cool but in most cases this is one factor that cannot be seen or predicted. At this point the host of the show tried making her understand that the boo wasn’t for the based on her, but still that did not change the fcat that she was on stage which that happened.

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4.  Toddler & Tiaras



This is one show that has opened the curtains to the show behind the scene; here we can see that the directors have opened up to showing us what happens in the kiddie pageant world. Although it mostly wasn’t necessary in some context as it could promote pedophiles to have negative vibes towards the kids and as we know the society is filled with most of them, in other words it is a disaster.

5.  Suspends Phil



It would be no news knowing that the character of the popular reality show Duck Dynasty suspended the act Phil Robertson who took no caution in his actions to reaching out to the GQmagazine on his view which was absolutely blunt; he made open his view towards homosexuality. Just couple of hours after publication, the magazine hits the stands and got most criticism from their lovers towards Phils statement.

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6.  The Bachelor



You must have known that the man in suit is always good looking, having one of the best body features every lady would want in a man, Juan Pablo is one of those who hasn’t got a lot of fans. Chris Harrison had no words hidden when he made his remark towards the former soccer pro, he went ahead to say that he doesn’t really fancy him in any way possible. Many others believe that a Gay/Bisexual bachelor is not a good example for kids.

7.  Big Brothers



This is one house that has a lot of gender issues, they are known for this in many aspects that is not leaving the fact that they are keyed into the racial group, for many who do not know what that means, it simply means if you are not in their circle there is every possibility that they would look you lesser than a being, this shouldn’t be any news to you as it is practiced in most parts of the world.

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8.  American Idol



Over the years they have been series of events when it comes to the popular reality show which happens mostly every year, the idea of Judge Paula Abdul eye towards the young talents was one of the most fascinating scandals of all time and not to mention it was the biggest of its kind. There were other events of similar kind were a constestant was disqualified for reasons that were unjust, behind the scene he was having an affair with our very own Paula Abdul.

9.  Survivor



As we know it most people are willing to do anything just to get the most out of their role as a tv star, and in this movie Jonny Fairplay wasn’t out of the box for doing such, he made moves on the death of his leaving grandmother, this could be weird and the reasons are yet unknown but I guess he did not consider his fans before carry out such an act.

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10.  The Slap Heard Around the Real World



When you look for the most violent acts, it appears to be in front of that reality show. Back in the day we had a lot of this, probably most people noticed and said a thing or two, that brings us to the part where the act slapped his roommate after she accused him of being gay, wait a minute would he be the first to be accused?