Top 10 Movies Representing Fashion From Every Era

1.  Saturday Night Fever (1977)


Saturday Night Fever (1977)


For the sake of designer: Patrizia Von Brandenstein If you haven’t seen this before, then I think you should check this number one movie out. Why it is on our number one isn’t for no other reason than the fact that this movie ironically as it may seem feels like old wine and the value of fashion displayed by casts like John Travolta with his tight-trouser twisting his hips like a snake doing the disco king moves in the scenes of these 1977 movie has unbelievably continue to improve with time..

Tony had fashions to die for and he sure knows how to spend his money on his suits with flares, wide lapels, the man-made fibers, and the wardrobe was a department to live for on its own. Played by Travolta, Tony sure made an impressive impression with his fashion lines which remains attractive and appreciated till date.

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2.  The Fifth Element (1997)


The Fifth Element (1997)


Designer: John Paul Gaultier  sure  did justice to revealing costumes however,  This sci-fi like tale is weird in the beautiful ways with fashion extraordinaire done to the lead roles.

3.  Clueless (1995)


Clueless (1995)


Alicia Silverstone played the role of Cher, a literarily spoiled teenager from Beverley Hills in this movie. And what more, this teenager who is spoilt has an automated wardrobe. From 90s fashions rocked the various scenes and yes, viewers were entertained.

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4.  Mirror Mirror (2012)


Mirror Mirror (2012)


The designer with a specialty as I call her, Elko Ishioka in 2012 sure knew that year was one for Snow White adaptations but the Dozens of movie extras who were dressed in animal-themed apparel make one felt like he was watching a movie like a cartoon brought to the real  life unexpectedly.

5.  The Hunger Games (2012)


the Hunger Games (2012)


Credit for our number five would be awarded to no other designer but Judianna Makovsky for this movie which recordable had  Elizabeth Banks dressed up in a puffed-up magenta monstrosity, Stanley Tucci got its ewers with his accessories and fashion regalia too and what about the crazily colorful crowds.

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6.  Moulin Rouge (2001)


Moulin Rouge (2001)


What else can one say of a movie which used up to three hundred (i.e. 300) costumes with up to eighty people in a particular scene? Spectacular!

Think about the combination of a high-energy MTV soundtrack, shinny Basque worn by dancer. Everything in the move is so artistic, so fashion conscious that Robert Wise commented that “the musical has been re-invented”.

7.  Kill Bill (2003)


Kill Bill (2003)


Special kudos to these two designers; Kumiko Ogawa & Catherine Thomas for our number seven credit. Quentin Tarantino has an ability for making huge pictures;, men can look cool neutrally by wearing dark suits and swaggering down the road with their comparably dressed companions. Uma Thurman’s dull nail shine in Pulp Fiction started a global pattern, and her Kill Bill ensemble made the yellow tracksuit famous to a radical new era. Obviously, the motion picture nerds who welcomed each reference in Tarantino’s respect substantial requital flick would have perceived the suit worn by Bruce Lee in 1978’s Game of Death. (The first suit as of late sold for $100,590 in closeout.)

From the Japanese schoolgirl kilt, the overcoat down to Lucy Liu’s kimono, Darryl Hannah’s Elle Driver’s Thriller wear, her amazing trench coat with lines. Yes! Nice fashion representative for a movie.

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8.  Anna Karenina (2012)


Anna Karenina (2012)


Stylist and designer Jacqueline Durran really won herself an Oscar as credit for her translation of the 1870s style in view of the overstated outline of 1950s dress. Keira sparkles with Chanel adornments (which didn’t exist at the time) and Durran clarified that her accentuation on the 50s styling was a method for making it clear that “we weren’t as a matter of course doing a bona fide period piece.” Historical precision is far less vital than making the sort of extravagant, stirring, hide lined clothing that the group of onlookers trusts a Russian privileged person would wear.

The dresses likewise allude to Anna Karenina’s capability to be a seductress, as she defies the pastel group in red and dark. Interestingly, Kitty is a dream in white, with her dresses trimmed somewhat shorter than Anna’s to underscore her uncorrupt purity.

9.  Edward Scissorhands (1990)


Edward Scissorhands (1990)


Johnny Depp’s screen presentation was a youngster heart throb part inverse Freddy Krueger. As funny as it may sound, his profession truly took off when he excessively turned into a figure of scorn with hands loaded with risky sharp edges.

The Frankenstein-esque story was the first of numerous joint efforts with Tim Burton, and the primary attack into “irregular” for the now multi-grant winning creator Colleen Atwood. She amassed Edward’s suit from vinyl, cowhide, and latex, and included extras, for example, clasps, screws, and bits of hardware.

The subsequent fastened and prohibitive suit isolates Edward from the cheerful pastels worn by the common inhabitants of the town. Indeed, even his endeavors to look “ordinary” in free shirt and trousers with supports reproduce an uncanny Buster Keaton impression.

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10.  Cleopatra (1963)


Cleopatra (1963)


Although, this production have been referred to as popular and overblown, although, series of movies have been done about Cleopatra and yes, the traditional fashion costumes in the movies are always something to faint for. However, this particular Cleopatra movie is ranked the most fantastic of them all simply because the fashion radiating within the scenes of Cleopatra here weren’t the usual but the unusual and this was basically portrayed as the lead role Elizabeth Taylor broke the records with a recordable 65 costume change!

Check it through, from phoenix wings to extra ordinarily outlandish and fashionable modern dresses.

Talk about fashion, the classic Richard Burton’s pair(s) , Liz’s audacious headgear and everything representing fashion till date is something to reckon with in the movie, kudos to Designer: Renie.