Top 10 Mysterious People on Earth

Everyone has meet someone who was mysterious. Maybe it was the quiet kid you went to high school with, or maybe that person at work who always has this certain pattern that one would consider out of the ordinary, or even the neighbor that had the weirdest personality on the planet.

However the are the icing on the cake when it comes to weird people. The people on this list will be some of the most mysterious people on the planet. Some ranging from people with strange personalities, to people who have been seen and disappeared, some never being seen at all. Here are the 10 most mysterious people on earth.

1.  The zodiac killer


The zodiac killer


The zoadic killer is even harder to track than Jack the ripper. Known for leaving letters with cryptic messaging, the killer would have gone off to kill 5 people, though it is said he has killed more.

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2.  Jack the ripper


Jack the ripper


Jack the ripper was one of the most notorious killers in history. Jack the ripper would target prostitutes and gut them before killing them. The killer wasn’t identified for years, but more and more people are trying to solve the mystery of jack the ripper.

3.  Tank Man


Tank Man


Tiananmen Square was a very tragic moment in the history of china. One of the most famous moments from it was the man who stood in front of the tank. Surprsingly not much is known about this man. This could be due to the fact that china has left no information about him, not even his name is known.

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4.  The Man from Taured


The Man from Taured


One day in the city of Tokyo, a man landed at one of their airports. When they asked him were he was from. He said he was from Taured, which will exist in 1,000 years. Nobody at the airport had heard of Taured until that day. To make things worst, he disappeared the next day, never to be seen again. The event was mysterious enough for some to even call it an urban legend.

5.  Babushka Lady


Babushka Lady


This lady is best know for here presence during the JFK assassination. She has been seen multiple times through out the event and was even summoned by the FBI for more information. She was last seen disappearing into the crowd after the assassination.

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6.  D.B. Cooper


D.B. Cooper


D.B Cooper was a man who just randomly hijacked a plane and asked for a ransom. When he was given the money he wanted (which was $200,000) he eventually was last seen parachuting from the plane. It was the only time he appeared, no body knew who he was or where he came from. At best they got his name Dan Cooper, but was called D.B Cooper after the media called him that.

7.  The Isdal Woman


The Isdal Woman


This was a woman that was found burnt in the woods one day. Strangely all of here cloths had their tags removed and she was found next to bottles of gasoline and liquor. Even when she was alive barely anybody knew here despite seeing her. She was described as an attractive foreign women.

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8.  Huntington’s Jane Doe


Huntington's Jane Doe


A woman who was once hit by two cars passing by, Huntington’s Jane Doe was a strange person. Around the age of 25-26 despite looking younger. She made a ring out of her hair, at least that is what a salesman who took her in feeling sorry for her.

9.  Green Children of Woolpit


Green Children of Woolpit


As if they were something from a middle earth movie, passers by one day came along to Woolpit and found two children. The kids had a weird green tint, spoke a different language and would only eat pitch from bean pods. Eventually there skin went back to normal and eventually they had the ability to speak english. From what the children have said, the came from Land of St Martin, and were lost from trying to herd sheep with their father. The children have spawned conspiracies of children of a parallel dimensions, hollow earth children, and even extraterrestrial children.

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10.  The man in the iron mask


The man in the iron mask


During the reign of King Louis XIV in France, there was once a man who wore a black mask all of the time. No body has ever saw his face before. The mask was made out of velvet, but retellings of his stories said that his mask was made out of iron. He was a prisoner. The only thing people have learned about him was his name. When he died in November 1703, and all of his possessions were burned.