Top 10 Natural Arches in the World

1.  Landscape Arch


Landscape Arch


The landscape arch located at Arches National Park, in Utah, United States of America measures and outstanding eighty eight in meters that is 88 meters. The two hundred and ninety ft length (290ft) arch has its span critically measured through the usage of laser in the year 2004 and is a center of attraction to tourists and visitors from all over the world.

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2.  Sipapu Natural Bridge


Sipapu Natural Bridge


The Sipapu Natural Bridge was also previously ranked as the fourth longest natural Arch until the year 2007 when it was measured through a laser and declared sixty nine ft in height (69 ft) and two hundred and twenty five meters long (225M). Situated in Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah in United States of America, the Sipapu Natural Bridge remains the favorite of many citizen and visitors (including tourists).

3.  Rainbow Bridge


Rainbow Bridge


Glen Canyon National Recreation Area situated in Utah in United States of America is known for fun and relaxation. Aside these two, this beautiful location is known specially for the Rainbow Bridge situated within its terrain. The presence of natural Arches in United States almost makes one want to call the country ‘city of Arches’. Although formerly considered as the third longest in the world until the year 2007 when this edifice was measured officially with the use of a laser. The Rainbow Bridge measures a total of seventy one feet (71 ft) and two hundred and thirty four meters in length. No other could have bagged the number three on the list except this and we are proud to recommend the United States as a tourist location for many of our readers who are Arches lover.

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4.  Kolob Arch


Kolob Arch


Kolob Arch was formerly considered as the longest arch on the planet not until it was measured through the use of laser in the year 2006. Kolob Arch which can be found in no other place except the Zion National measures eighty seven in ft (87 ft) and a total of two hundred and eighty seven meters (87 m) in length.

5.  Snake Bridge


Snake Bridge


The snake bridge in Sanostee , New Mexico in United states measures sixty two ft (62ft) and two hundred and four meters in length.  Although, inaccessible by the general public, the Snake Bridge continues to be a special attractive gift and wonder of nature itself.

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6.  Outlaw Arch


Outlaw Arch


In the Dinosaur National Monument, just in the city of Colorado, United States of America seats the honorable outlaw Arch which stretches two hundred and six in meters in length (206)  and sixty three (63) ft in height and was discovered in the year two thousand and six (2006).

7.  Jiangzhou Arch


Jiangzhou Arch


The special arch planted by nature itself is located at Guangxi in China. This Arch measures a whopping 65 in ft (i.e. sixty five ft) and is two hundred and twelve meters in length as well. You don’t want to visit China without having Jiangzhou Arch in your ‘favorite places to be visited’ list.

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8.  Hazarchishma Natural Bridge


Hazarchishma Natural Bridge


This nature’s endowment can be found in Bamiyan Province in Afghanistan, measures 64.2ft in height and 210.6 in meters. This is one of the latest discoveries of the arches as it was not discovered up until the year 2010.

9.  Wrather Arch


Wrather Arch


Where else could our number nine on the list of top ten natural arches in the world come from if not wrather canyon in the city of Arizona far in the heart of united states of America? The wrather Arch was initially believed to be a total of about two hundred and forty six feet (246 ft) until NABS declared that the Arch couldn’t be more than a hundred and eighty meter (180 M). This nature’s endowment was also initially perceived to be seventy five feet tall but later declared as not much more than fifty five feet (55ft). Whichever way, the reverse in the numbers of the measurement of this edifice situated in USA doesn’t in any way reduce the number of the visitors interested in visiting this great location annually (most of whom are tourists).

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10.  La Portada


La Portada


La Portada is on our number ten for this list, measuring a total of seventy feet in height (70ft) and two hundred and thirty meters in length.