Top 10 Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools

With major advancements in technology many chefs across the world have been benefited. The future is looking bright for the cooking industry as there Japan has been building robotic chefs that can cook any meal from across the globe at any given time, an innovation to look forward to.

Here is a list of Top 10 Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools:

1.  Corn Stripper


Corn Stripper


Corn kernels are the most frustrating thing to separate from the corn itself. This innovation consists of a hollow plastic cylinder which has a blade. Place the corn inside and simply push on the blade to strip the corn kernels. The unwanted corn stem is left in the cylinder itself while the kernels accumulate in the sides.


2.  3 bladed peeler


3 bladed peeler


This contraption consists of three blades that rotate in multiple axes. It is very easy to use. Just place the peeler on top of the fruit or vegetable and apply a little bit of force, the machine on its own runs the blade which does the peeling. It is also very fine and the peeler is compact. The peels are thin and hence not much of the fruit is wasted. This is a great product for anyone who is looking for an easy method to peel any fruits or vegetables in your kitchen.

3.  Pineapple slicer


Pineapple slicer


This is very handy if you are a fan of eating pineapple. Everyone is aware of the fact how hard it is to cut open a pineapple and then remove its skin but this machine makes the task less tedious.  The slicer has a blade and a long metallic cylinder. The metallic cylinder takes away the no eatable middle part of the pineapple while the blade cuts slices in the flesh of the pineapple. After pushing the blade completely through the pineapple, place it on a plate and invert the pineapple to get the slices.

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4.  Slice and catch


Slice and catch


This is a neat tool that prevents the kitchen from becoming a mess while slicing vegetables. The machine should be placed on top of the vegetable that needs to be cut and then pressed with some force. All the by products which cause the mess and retained within the container and the cut piece are found in another part of the container.

5.  Instant citrus juicer


Instant citrus juicer


This is another great innovation for people who love drinking citrus juice after working a long, hot summer day. It is very simple to use and is also dishwasher safe and hence can be cleaned immediately after use. First, the lemon has to cut so that a bit of its inner flesh is seen, then the juicer is placed on top and squeezed into the flesh. Press the nozzle on top to produce citrus juice!

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6.  The Avotool


The Avotool


The Avotool is a short form for Avocado tool. It is a 3 in one tool. It can be used to peel the avocado, cup the seed out of the avocado and then remove the inner pulp of the avocado. It is very simple to use and effective.

7.  Spiral slicer


Spiral slicer


This is a useful tool to make your children eat veggies. The tool cuts the fruit or vegetable in spiral slices and makes it look beautiful, there is also a setting which can cut the fruit and make it look like a flower. It is a very innovative tool, but with so many features it’s not very useful on an everyday basis. If you are hosting a dinner party and want to beautify your salads with good looking carrots and apples then only should you buy this. It is also an expensive machine.

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8.  Folding weighing scale


Folding weighing scale


This is very useful if you are an avid baker. The machines fold into a circle which is only 5cm in diameter. When open, it occupies a 20cm circle and a bowl which needs to be measured can be placed on top of it. It is battery operated.

9.  Food Huggers


Food Huggers


They hug themselves into any half cut vegetable to keep the open part fresh.

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10.  8 in 1 bottle


8 in 1 bottle


The bottle has 8 extra accessories which can be used as a funnel, slicer, dicer, squeezer and many more.