Top 10 Newmarket Attractions


If you find yourself in Newmarket on business or vacation, you’ll find that your schedule will soon be filled with plenty of things to do, place to eat, and even some great lodging. However, should you find yourself with some free time on your hands or not sure where you should start with your itinerary, you’ll want to add these ten great attractions you can find in Newmarket.

1. Fairy Lake Park

Fairy Lake Park


Fairy Lake may just be a marshy area, but it’s a beautiful one to visit on your own or with your family as you take in a walk. You’ll find that this peaceful park is a great place to spend time with your family or on your own when you need to clear your head. You can walk or ride your bikes around the park as you enjoy the nice weather; you can even bring your pet along for some exercise and quality time. While you’re here, you can also enjoy the ducks that are always eager to please for some crusts of bread. It’s a great place for a calm afternoon.

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2. Newmarket Riverwalk Commons

Newmarket Riverwalk Commons


With so much you can do while you’re here, you may find yourself surprised when hours have passed and you haven’t yet left the Riverwalk Commons. You’ll find that the kids will love the splash pad or skating rink, depending on the time of year. You’ll also enjoy the food options and the book sharing booth that’s available to those coming here. It’s a great way to spend a morning or afternoon out and about as you complete you’re other errands or just for an escape from the ordinary. You can relax or have some fun interacting with others.

3. Magna Centre

Magna Centre 3


If you’re looking for an activity center, you won’t need to look any further than the Magna Centre. It has so much to offer everyone that you won’t have to wonder about your exercise as you’re staying in Newmarket. You can come here for some swimming, hockey, skating, or just working out within the gym that’s here. You may even find yourself caught in one of the sports events being held here as teams compete on the ice rink or in the pool. You just might find yourself rooting for one team or player, even as a new visitor to Newmarket.

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4. Main Street Newmarket

Main Street Newmarket


What’s better than mixing history with shopping? Absolutely nothing. You’ll love Main Street as you walk along the street, taking in all the specialty shops and the restaurants, enticing you with their delectable smells. You can find yourself becoming immersed in the town’s history along the way as you take in the historical buildings used for these shops. Another great aspect is how close you are to everything else in town, including Fairy Lake Park.

5. Kids at Sea

Kids at Sea


Kids at Sea are a great place to bring your children for someone indoor fun where they play and explore all of the fun structures it has to offer. Not only are there plenty of playgrounds for them to play and imagine themselves, they can also explore plenty of the toys that this place has for them, including robots, action figures, and so much more. Don’t let them miss out on the swings and trampolines that are also available to them.

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6. Funnery Play Park and Café

Funnery Play Park and Café 1


Should you find your travels to Newmarket include a time that it’s quite chilly outside or around your child’s birthday, you may want to consider a trip to the Funnery Play Park and Café? It’s a great place for them to play indoors while you enjoy the café, bracing yourself against the cold outside. Even during the warm days, it’s a great place to keep cool as your child enjoys playing on any number of toys. It’s the perfect venue for your child’s birthday as well with party rooms and other fun features to keep him/her happy during your time in Newmarket.

7. Holland Marsh Wineries

Holland Marsh Wineries


For those that fancy wine or are true wine enthusiasts, you’ll find that this is the perfect place to experience a number of good wines. You can choose from both reds and whites while dining on the buffet style dinner they provide. It’s a great place to enjoy a wine tasting or even host a wedding and reception. Whether you want to find the perfect wedding venue or just want t a couple good bottles of wine, you won’t want to miss out on the Holland Marsh Wineries.

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8. Of Rock & Chalk Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Of Rock & Chalk Indoor Rock Climbing Gym


Highly popular and lots of fun for those who like some adventure during their vacations or trips to new places, you don’t want to miss this rock climbing gym while you’re staying in Newmarket. It offers some great walls to climb and challenge your skills as you work your way up the walls. The staff here is more than capable of helping you with tips and techniques to reach the top of each climbing wall while also enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this place. When you need a workout, you won’t find one better than this place.

9. Elman E. Campbell Museum

Elman E. Campbell Museum


For those with an interest in history, you won’t want to miss walking through the Elman E. Campbell Museum. You’ll find that there are many displays showcasing pioneer life and history while also providing many pieces from Newmarket’s own history. Built within a historic building, you’ll love all the rustic and vintage touches you’ll find within the museum.

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10. Sanctuary Day Spas

Sanctuary Day Spas


When you find yourself needing some time to unwind and get some pampering, you don’t want to miss out on Newmarket’s highly prized Sanctuary Day Spa. You’ll love the experience you’ll get while you’re within this renovated mansion. You can listen to some soothing music as you treat yourself to a facial, massage, and other beauty treatments to make you feel special.

With each of these attractions, you’ll find your itinerary is quite full of things to do while you’re visiting this great town within the greater Toronto area.