Top 10 Notorious Doctors in History

Doctors, many of us dread them but yet they are an essential part of our society, without whom our life would not be possible. The doctor, in the end of the day are noble and help the society develop in a better and healthy way. In medieval times, doctors were believed to be the most pain inducing professionals, this could perhaps be blamed on the lack of surgical methods then. Years of research has made this practice safer but yet there exists many doctors who have gained limelight for their bad deeds.

Here is a list of ten most notorious doctors:

1.  Walter Freeman


Walter Freeman


Freeman, a famous neurologist from the United States gained an addiction to Lobotomy. Lobotomy is a surgical procedure which requires the doctor to cut open a person’s brain and scrap connections between prefrontal and frontal lobes of the brain. He performed lobotomy unnecessarily on each and every patient who had visited him. After operating on over 3,000 patients, the issue was taken up in court as most of the operations resulted in the death of the patient. He was later stripped of his medicinal achievements and banned from practice.


2.  Marcel Petiot


Marcel Petiot


Marcel was a famous physician from France in the early 1900s. He had started off his surgical career from a mental hospital. Supposedly, the mental hospital had made him crazy also. He turned into a serial killer, cutting open all his patients and making them bleed to death. He used to carry his patients’ body parts to his house and use them as firewood. A police investigation found him guilty of mass killings and was beheaded in 1946.

3.  Jayant Patel


Jayant Patel


Jayant is an Indian doctor who works in the United States and later in Australia. His lack of knowledge of the human body made him carry out many needless operations. He killed over 60 patients within 2003 and 2005. He was jailed by the authorities in Australia and served a seven year in prison.

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4.  Shiro Ishii


Shiro Ishii


Siro was a part of the Japanese army force in the Sino-Japanese war. He was also a qualified microbiologist and treated many prisons of war in such a way that most of them died due to anthrax. Over a thousand people have died due to him. When America seized Japan, he was one of the first few to get caught.

5.  Harold Shipman


Harold Shipman


Harold is America’s worst serial killer and is responsible for over 200 deaths. Even though he was a popular doctor in the 70s, his criminal records began sprouting in the late 90s. He was admitted to jail in 2003 and brought his own death by hanging himself in the cell.

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6.  John Adams


John Adams


He is the most notorious British doctor that ever lived. He used to operate on elderly patients and is known to kill 165 of his patients. No one knew about killings, or if they did, no one spoke about it. He continued his practice right till his death.

7.  Henry Holmes


Henry Holmes


He is the smartest and the earliest serial killers in America. He used to maim his patients and then call it a mistake. By doing so, he gained insurance money from the government. He used to store his patients’ bodies in his basement and slash them until they were bare bones. He also used to gag and rape his women patients to death. He was later caught and hanged in 1897.

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8.  Carl Clauberg


Carl Clauberg


Carl is a German physician who worked in Nazi concentration camps. He worked on over 500 women in his career, testing on them cheap medicine. Most of later died from infection caused by the doctor. The doctor performed multiple tests with about 100 out of 500 women. He was later arrested but died before trial.

9.  Josef Mengele


Josef Mengele


Deemed “Angel of Death” Josef worked under Hitler for performing human experimentation on many Jew concentration camps in Nazi Germany.


10.  Michael Swango


Michael Swango


He was a famous American surgeon, who gained mastery in his craft. Personal life made him lose his barnacles and supported in killing three patients. He also poisoned the nurses in his hospital.