Top 10 of the Greatest Detectives in Literature

1.  Ida Arnold




This is one character that has really changed the game in the world of literature, the book looks into the life of killing, it touches some parts of faith and God with so many things in it to leave you thinking, the character is one of the most anticipated of all time as a detective and took this to be a full time job, not leaving out the anti-hero in the book who had the roll of a killer.

2.  Philip Marlowe




As most places had it in the British town, so many killings and this was one reason for the changes that were created over time and the creation of the character. It is known that at this time crime dominated the publishing industry and they needed someone that could change that.  You would be glad that you had to read this book, there is no time that would be dull for you while on this.

3.  Harriet Vane




The beautiful portrayed aristocratic detective has just been one of the best so far in the books, he had a lady by his side known as Sayers who was the one person he would work with and that was what made it fun. She uses her character to express biting and striking views on questions like whether a woman should work, what is the importance of the mind and whether a woman should get married.

4.  Hercule Poirot




We all should have known that Sherlock Holmes is one character that would do anything to get information off from the person he is looking for just as we can see the Hercule was not much of a difference and this is what made the character an interesting one, he would go to any length just to ensure that the truth is found and he was just not scared of anything just like Sherlock Holmes, if you have to be a good detective you must follow them.

5.  Sherlock Holmes




Finally the detective that would do anything just to get the story of you is here, it is said that he is the greatest detective that has ever lived and this is just too true to be accepted, looking into his life he has played the role too well that we cant tell if he is real anymore.

6.  Mrs Paschal




She is regarded as one of the first professional female detectives of all time, she would work to ensure that the work is done, just as you might be thinking and asking questions, well lets get that to rest, she gets paid for her services.  She take an admirable relish in her work and would look into things just the way they should be, she has created her own style when in comes to finding out the flaws of others .

7.  Sergeant Cuff




Just like many other detectives, the sergeant is not left out, he remains inscrutable and we don’t know when he is thinking, this makes him unpredictable.

8.  Inspector Bucket




I like his name “Bucket” it sounds really fun, he is a fictional detective but his methods cannot just be said, he takes things on a different level and that’s why he is unique.

9.  Susan Hopley




Who would have suspected, noticed the actions of the maidservant who just goes about her business daily, and acts that everything is alright, I don’t think anyone would. Give it up for Susan who is always quiet but quick to strike when the need arise, she is my best.

10.  Catherine Morland




She is the young inquisitive lady who is out for the young lads, she was in training for heroine, she barely speaks highly of herself and has found herself in a country house where she discovered, she has always been an amateur, this even made things worse.