Top 10 Oshawa Attractions


As you find yourself traveling to Oshawa for a vacation or a business event, you may find yourself wondering what you could do to fill up your free time. When it comes to Oshawa, there are a number of attractions, places to eat, and great places to stay that can make your stay one you’ll remember for years to come. Below you’ll find the top ten attractions you should check out while you’re staying in Oshawa.

1. Parkwood National Historic Site

Parkwood National Historic Site


This historical site offers a wide range of activities as you take in the lovely gardens and the house tour that’s available. You’ll find that the staff is very friendly and highly knowledgeable about the site and all that took place from the original owner until the present. You’ll find yourself immersed in the history and culture of the home and all of its original glory as you walk around and take in everything that it has to offer.

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2. White Feather Country Store

White Feather Country Store


If you want a place where you can buy everything you need and enjoy a nice lunch, you’ll find that this country store has it all for you. They are just one of those shops that caters to all types of clientele with their many pieces of clothing, jewelry, groceries, and other gift items to entice you. You can find just about anything you want while you’re here as far as gifts for those you love and souvenirs for the time you spend in Oshawa.

3. Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Robert McLaughlin Gallery


Oshawa is definitely not without its own art and culture as you take in this fine gallery, and all it has to offer to those living and visiting the area. You’ll love the different types of art that you’ll find here from classic and traditional to modern and abstract. The displays and showrooms are set up so you can take your time with each painting and art piece to learn more about it and the artist behind it. You’ll find that the gallery contains art that coincides with special events during the season as well as other items that can spark your interest.

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4. Canadian Automotive Museum

Canadian Automotive Museum


Automobile lovers and enthusiasts don’t want to miss out on this great find within Oshawa as you take in all the cars that are housed here from classics to modern concepts. You’ll especially love the Rolls-Royces, the DeLorean, and the Bugatti. The sheer elegance and history of these vehicles will make you want to spend a few hours as you learn more about each and every one.

5. General Motors Centre

General Motors Centre


This is one of the best places for those who love hockey. You’ll find that the rink is a great one to just sit and watch along with all of the other spectators, coming to see the best match up between two teams. While the food and drinks here are fairly pricey, you won’t find many other faults with this place as you enjoy a good hockey game. The staff and other personnel are extremely helpful and friendly as you find your seat and get where you need to go throughout your time here.

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6. Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens

Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens


When you find yourself in need of some peace and quiet while you’re in Oshawa, you won’t find a better place than the Botanical Gardens. The different flowers and gardens will just inspire wellbeing and a feeling of calm as you get away from the hustle and bustle of your vacation’s itinerary or your business one. Whatever your reasons for needing a break, you should find yourself here immersed in the natural beauty of the place. A great place for photos as well depending on the time of year you come to Oshawa.

7. Linton’s Farm Market

Linton’s Farm Market


A great way to spend the day if you want to learn how to pick your own fruits or vegetables. You’ll find this family run farm is worth the hype it receives as you enjoy the tractor rides to the picking fields, equipped with your bucket and other tools as needed. You can also walk through the market itself to find the fruits and vegetables you want if you don’t desire the picking process or even if you do. There are even animals that will capture your children’s attention.

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8. Regent Theatre

Regent Theatre


With this theatre built in 1920, you’ll find that the seating and acoustics of the place are phenomenal as you take in the great entertainment that’s offered each and every night. You’ll want to make it a point to stop in and check it out for yourself. You can check out great artists, new and old, while sitting in seats made for comfort and a few hours of entertainment.

9. Memorial Park

Memorial Park


This is one of the best places to come for an outdoor concert or if you just want to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you. You can enjoy the changing colors of the seasons as you take in some great music and other activities and events that happen throughout the year. You just never know what strike your fancy as you make your way to Memorial Park and all that it has in the way of outdoor entertainment and serenity that only parks can provide.

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10. Oshawa Zoo

Oshawa Zoo


While this zoo isn’t the biggest zoo you could ever visit, you’ll find that this is the perfect place for your young ones to get close to some really cool animals, feeding and even holding some of the babies the zoo has to offer. There are still plenty of animals that will capture your children’s interest from baby ducklings to other small animals. You’ll find that this zoo is great for family-friendly fun.

When you find yourself in Oshawa, you won’t become bored as you set out on your own or with your family to explore all that the town has to offer. Be sure to check out these top ten attractions to get the most of your visit.