Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death

1.  Connie Franklin

     (Invited As Witness in Own Murder Trial)

Connie Franklin


It was an impression that caught the country. In 1929, a stray named Connie Franklin and his sweetheart Tillar Ruminer were caught by hooligans in the Ozarks of Arkansas on their way to get married. He was killed, his remains were set a blazed and she was sexually assaulted – or if nothing else that is the story she told. Five men were put on trial for this deplorable wrongdoing; however things didn’t make any sense. Not just was there no proof that a wrongdoing had been submitted, yet Connie himself started to show up around town searching for work. He denied that he was the killed man, and Tillar said she didn’t remember him. The trial made a bazaar like environment, and even Time Magazine ran a story. Connie took the stand, swearing he wasn’t the killed man. What’s more, he was correct… kind of. It turns out his genuine name was Marion Franklin Rogers, father of four, who had gotten away from a close-by mental doctor’s facility and had attempted to begin another life. The men were found innocent, and the exasperated judge requested the records blazed.

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2.  Lord Timothy Dexter

    (He had 3,000 People Came To His Phony Funeral but his wife never grieved enough)

Lord Timothy Dexter


“Lord” Timothy Dexter (he obviously presented the title to himself) this man who was successful at his export business was born in 1748 and irrespective of the fact that he had no formal training, he successfully composed a book when he was 50, entitled “A Pickle for the Knowing Ones; or Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress.” And it made a recordable success. History had it that one day, Timothy pondered what individuals may say or do after he went to the Great Beyond, and so he announced his own passing. Three thousand individuals went to the memorial service but he obviously wasn’t happy because his wife didn’t grief enough.

3.  Ken Kesey

     (Faked Suicide just To Escape Pot Bust)

Ken Kesey


He is maybe the most known faker on this rundown. Ken Kesey, renounced author of the exemplary novel “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, ken organized his own demise in 1965 to abstain from being busted for marijuana. He dropped a suicide note which read “Ocean, Ocean I’ll beat you in the end” and fled to Mexico afterward. On his return, few months after, he was sent to prison for 5 months.

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4.  Corey Taylor

     (Pretending to be dead to opt Out Of Cell Phone Contract)

Corey Taylor


Most of certainly despise the moment we are to pay our wireless bill, yet would you go THIS far? Corey Taylor was burnt out on the crappy administration he was getting from Verizon, and since he heard that dead men pay no bills, he had a companion fax in a doctored demise testament. It didn’t take quite long for the company to discover that it was a fluke. He was made to pay the $175 he owed them.

5.  Allison Matera

     (Faked Death by cancer But Attended Funeral)

Allison Matera


 Allison Matera was just excessively pleasant. She told her choir she was dying of cancer. She kept the ploy going for right around a year. When she quit going to the chapel, Matera made everybody believe she was registering with a hospice to bid the world adieu. At last she called the minister, acting like a medical caretaker she announced her death to the minister on January 18, 2007 and mysteriously showed up at her own memorial service, imagining she was a sister. The bubble got burst thereafter.

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6.  William Grothe

     (The man who posed as his own murderer for one million dollar life insurance)

William Grothe


William Grothe, a conspicuous Nashville music lawyer, took to playing dead in order to lay his hands on the one million dollar insurance money his original death would have attracted. His wife reported him missing on November 19, 2008. On November 24, he professedly rang the police and asserted he was the man that killed Grothe. He was later found in Missoula, Montana and requested to pay the $13,000 it expense incurred in searching for him.

7.  Aimee Semple McPherson

     (The evangelist who pretended to die and went to who knows where?)

Aimee Semple McPherson


She was a standout amongst the most well known evangelists of her time. The Los Angeles-based “Sister” Aimee McPherson lectured consistently to a lectern of 5,000 devotees. On May 18, 1926, her mom reported that her little girl was “with Jesus” after she was supposedly caught up in the current of the Venice beach.  She re-showed up about a month later with a story of being kidnap and placed in a Mexican shack. There were however news of this evangelist having an affair but she denied completely. Nobody knew what really happened till date because she never gave a factual explanation of the real event.

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8.  Gandaruban Subramaniam

      (Faked Death for 20 Years, Remarried his own Wife, and Had another Child)

Gandaruban Subramaniam


Gandaruban Subramaniam’s story occurred in Singapore in the year 1987, his auto rental business went floppy and he decided to fly to Sri Lanka, where he was able to acquire a fake death certificate. His death permitted $250,000 insurance claims for his wife use. He remarried his wife in Sri Lanka (utilizing a fake travel permit) and fathers their fourth kid. He was discovered trying to re-enter Singapore 20 years after. He got a divorce from his wife and was jailed.

9.  Hugo Jose Sanchez who Faked Death

       (Caught after attempt of Elvis CD Purchase)

Hugo Jose Sanchez who Faked Death


Hugo would have got scot free with this offence, in the event that it hadn’t been for… Elvis? Irrespective of the fact that Hugo Jose Sanchez worked for HMV he was so poor he could scarcely put nourishing meal on the table for his own family. He faked a death by heart attack and moved his family to Costa Rica. He was unfortunately discovered when his friend attempted using his discount card to purchase an Elvis CD. They were both apprehended and put behind bars.

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10.  Bennie Wint

        (The man who Faked Death For 20 Years without any justified Reason)

Bennie Wint


Bennie Wint was a man who faked his death for 20years, this man claimed he assumed he was a wanted, so he disappeared on the eve of his marriage to Patricia Hollingsworth in 1989; he went for a swim, and never returned. He was assumed drowned only to be discovered after 20 whole years; he had changed his name to William Sweet, remarried and had a 17-year-old-child by the time of his discovery. It turns out, funny enough, Bennie wasn’t on the wanted list at all and his whole disappearing was for no justified reason at all after all.