Top 10 Political Slogans That Are Really Famous

1.  Liberte, egalite, fraternite

Liberte, egalite, fraternite


Translated in English as ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’, the slogan remains undeniably a wide known and famous slogan, the slogan which was an inspiration from philosophers like Rousseau and Voltaire based on the three virtues of equality was developed during the French revolution.

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2.  Bread and roses 


Bread and roses


Bread and roses is a slogan popularly used by labor and immigrant as a rights slogan.  The bread represents basic amenities including food, housing, etc while rose is representing luxury and opportunity to uniquely upgrade their human capabilities.

3.  Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!


Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes


The slogan is quite popular, the slogan which originated from Ukraine was solely developed by the Ukrainian nationalists and is still till today acknowledged as the popular slogan of Ukrainian nationalists.

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4.  Are you thinking what we’re thinking?


Are you thinking what we're thinking


This British Conservative Party slogan was extensively popular and famous while the party was under Michael Howard, the slogan was well know during the 2005 general election.

5.  Power of Imagination


power of imagination


Inspired by Dadaist and surrealist art movements just as they were by anti Bolshevik and bord fame counter authoritarian tendencies, the situationist intenation of Guy Debord’s slogan revised  the slogan ‘all power to the soviet’  to suit their personal aim which made the slogan have a twist of philosophical nature.

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6.  Eat the Rich


Eat the Rich


Human beings know it is not ethical, moral or ideal to eat fellow human beings but this leftist slogan originally traced back to Jean-Jacques Rousseau  is a well known political slogan. Rousseau who is reputed to have said, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.

7.  Catch up and overtake America!


Catch up and overtake America!


Not very sure if the inventor of this slogan Nikita Khrushchev when he  was saying this words in 1957 in line with his vision of the Soviet economy knew how famous the slogan would become. The slogan is now well referred amongst many.

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8.  Bigger cages! Longer chains!


Bigger cages! Longer chains!


Bigger cages longer chains was a slogan originating from the famous Anarchist who uses the slogan as a means of mocking use of the political demand.

9.  “A weak economy, underfunded schools and an NHS that costs more and delivers less”


A weak economy, underfunded schools and an NHS that costs more and delivers less


This Slogan is traced back to Kristy Williams as well as the Welsh Liberal Democrats when out lining some failures of Labor  and plaid cymru government back then in Wales during the National Assembly for Wales election, 2011.

The political Slogan was famous after being constantly used by Kristy and also generally by the Welsh Liberal Democrats , the slogan was used basically as a tool used in outlining the failures of the Labor and Plaid Cymru government in Wales.

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10.  Democracia Real Ya!


Democracia Real Ya


Obviously, the political slogan is written in Spanish, the language in which it remains popular still till date. Etymologically, the slogan translates in English as ‘Real Democracy Now’. The Spanish slogan was extremely popular in the 15M movement in Spain during the year known as a year of protests, Spain undoubtedly experienced massive social unrest concerning austerity measures which  aimed to cut public spending and shorten social safety net.