Top 10 Popular Myths About Dinosaurs Debunked

Myth 1:  Big and Small Dinosaurs




So many at time we have believed in the saying that Dinosaurs have big head and could eat humans, but the truth is, no a lot of this creature is what has been written of them, yes not a lot, you may have noticed that already, most of them are small and other look really high, in some part of the word they are images of foot prints found and that has created an instinctive.

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Myth 2:  Fussy Dinosaurs




I like to see things from a different light and that is why we have made couple of research which has proven to be one of the best, knowing this you should also take to heart that not all stories of Dinos are true especially that which is said to have scales, not a lot of them have scales. Look at this creature just like any other, they are big and have different texture of skin.

Myth 3:  Dinosaurs Were All Brown




When I discovered first that we had so many images of Dinosaurs drawn to be brown I never really knew why but after much details sort after, I can now tell why they had those images put out in the first place, it is simply because so many artist love the color brown and they add that to the looks of their work. Now this notion has existed for so many years and no one could correct it, well now you know, so don’t go around telling your baby girl the tales of brown Dinos that would just be hilarious.

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Myth 4:  Dinosaurs Were Unhealthy Folks




You would think the term “FOLKS” could only be used for humans but then again you would have to look deep into the word. Dinosaurs were parents and they had ways of taking care of their young, this may not be most suitable but yes they had the time to care for them, although we cannot determine how much care they showed. They may just be one of the best caretakers, who knows?

Myth 5:  Dinosaurs Were Doomed to Extinction




I would not conclude just yet about the lives of the Dino and the reasons why they went extinct, it could be because of so many factors, truth be told, so many stories have been written about this, couple of people believe that they were shot out of existence whilst others say they died due to age and low reproduction rate, whichever way I feel they would have gone out of existence with or without been shot or lack species of their kind.

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Myth 6:  Dinosaurs All Became Extinct




Thinking of how Dinosaurs went extinct is just one too many to wrap your head around, despite the generation of the popular T.rex lived after other Dinosaurs, they was just not enough to keep them around, over the years they died one after the other and eventually went out of being.

Myth 7:  Dinos Can Fly




The pterosaurs died out regarding constant times because the dinosaurs did. They were giant sized however can’t be known as true dinosaurs. In spite of being closely associated with actual dinosaurs they were flying reptiles.  The life of Dinosaurs is traced to spices known as pterosaurs.

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Myth 8:  Under Water Dino




You can see that not only is it believed that dinosaurs lived but it is said that most of them lived under water, not a lot of us would agree with this but what can be done about this? Well they are seen as just another type of reptiles and not a lot of the news is true. We had marine reptiles but in the case of Dinosaurs there are no words that could quantify the fact that they did not exist.

Myth 9:  Dinosaurs Were The Only Reptiles




Counting back to the days were we had just a few means of keeping track of what was and what is to come, many believed that dinosaurs were the only animals around the surface of the earth,  this notion is not true and should not be taken seriously, with a count in time over 250 million years they lived terrestrial reptiles who came to be long before the existence of Dinosaurs.

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Myth 10:  Baby Dinosaurs Were Eaten




Some say that mammals had a role to play when it comes to the aspect of Dinosaurs extinction, well in as much as you might be right the question is how true could that statement be?