Top 10 Psychological Disorders of Batman, the Superhero

1.  Depression                         




The death of Bruce parents has made him go into deep depression and he tried to pull himself together by fighting crimes, everything about him is a classic sign of depression. His falls under the melancholic temperament group, he is obsessed with everything that has dark representation. His favorite time of the day is night, his costume is dark and he has chosen a nocturnal creature as his spirit animal (The bat).

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2.  Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder


The superhero is a brooding man as we already know has had to endure seeing his parents killed before his eyes. Perhaps from the persistent emotional stress he got resulting from the severe psychological shock received at a tender age. His mind keeps playing tricks on him with the horrifying images of his tragic past, every passing day; this has led to his post-traumatic stress disorder. It also stands as an advantage to fighting evil.

3.  Antisocial Personality Disorder


Antisocial Personality Disorder


Hidden identity happens to be the style of Bruce and goes around the city as the batman the superhero. Bruce dresses in a suave debonair suit, slips into the ominous batsuit, with is mask and cape, this has made him take the resemblance of a monster. He knows his way around the laws and stands at the edge of being a villain. He takes the personality of a risk taker and he is no respecter of the laws of the city.

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4.  Coulrophobia




We all know the greatest foe of the superhero (Batman) who happens to be the Joker who is a hideously colored in the form of a clown. It’s not only his look as a clown but also makes sure that his henchmen are similarly dressed gigantic, thuggish clown who carries knives, guns and chains. The Joker is well infomed about the Batman fear for clowns a condition known as Coulrophobia. The Batman even keeps a giant joker card in the Batcave just to help him deal with is fears.

5.  Complicated Grief Disorder


Complicated Grief Disorder


When Bruce was a child his parents were killed and he was born naturally scarred. As individuals vary in handling various things, this was a challenge also for Bruce in terms of dealing with grief of bereavement, he has found it inappropriate to sublimate by choosing to be a nocturnal loaner. This made him take the personality of a bat, to scare criminals. The sign made him build upon his social isolation.

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6.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


The character of the batman has the condition of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; I guess this does not need much explanation. The traits are not really obvious but he is definitely obsessed, he is largely preoccupied with his foes which would include the Joker particularly. His Obsession also drives him to keep the Joker blade in his batcave. Not forgetting the bat has fears of hurting others.

7.  Split Personality Disorder


Split Personality Disorder


Having multiple personality could really be difficult to handle, looking at the line of Bruce Wayne who also plays the role of the Batman. The superhero is consumed in personal battles of his own; he is often unable to draw the line of differentiation between characters. He is mainly consumed in the character of the Batman forgetting about Bruce Wayne, he is a recluse when alone and has the persona of a playboy.

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8.  Substance Dependence


Substance Dependence


The rigorous training that the batman undergoes as made medication one of his friends, he suffers from several injuries. It is not unnatural that he has to take a lot of painkillers to numb the pains or he would not be able to go through the setting of broken bones, performing of surgical procedures, or stitching the wound, all in the hands of his valet and guardian Alfred in his house.

9.  Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome


Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome


This is considered as mental illness which manifested as a result of form of child abuse.

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10.  Schizoid Personality Disorder


Schizoid Personality Disorder


The bat that lives in Gotham city (Bruce) for is incapability to connect with people and maintain a long term relationship. This could be said to be his personality and lifestyle, both of which could be seen as unique and odd, some say it is a way of him staying away from emotional ties with anyone; as a result he doesn’t want to lose a loved one. He also has issues which has made him a loner.