Top 10 Real Life Family Feuds You’d Never Want to be a Part Of

1.  Land War




The fight over land is nothing that is new to the hearing of anyone, unless you are a baby and then we would have an excuse for you, but if not you should know by now that people can be friends for so long but when it comes to the possession of land they can do practically anything to make that happen. Just In the heart of Arizona there lived two families that would do anything just to get a hold of their lands the cow proprietors and the sheep proprietors.

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2.  Donnelly




Don’t mess with the common folks is not a thing of today, we have heard about this a long time ago and it is still practiced in places in Canada. In the case of a couple who just got married, they loved their space and tried to avoid the neighbors as much as they could but it was not too long they got in the midst of a dialog and it led to the husband of the newly wed killing the neighbor.

3.  The Love Triangle


The Love Triangle


There is something about the spirit of love and every individual involved, it is not always about the money as many of us think it should be but it is about the way we feel for each other , in the case of Albert and Sneed it was about the money and family ties, at the long run Sneed asked for a divorce and Albert refused and would let her go. She has a lover and she wanted to be with him but there was no chance unless they escaped.


4.  Throne War




Sometime back in England there were two families who believed soley in position of the throne and all they cared about was how they would get it, after couple of years of disagreement the strain of both families came to a breaking point where one assaulted a wedding and this led to bloodshed. This lasted for a while until they finally agreed and settled it.

5.  The Longest Korean feud




This is all about the grave fight of both families of Yoon and Shrim found out that their prominent members of their families were buried at the same place, they flared up in a grave fight saying that the both bodies cannot be kept at the same place, the fight continued till it got to the earing of the King. He was displeased with the news and sent them on exile, that wasn’t the end of it all. In 2008 the families tried coming together but it was disapproved in other to sustain history.

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6.  The Rise of the Samurai




There was a time where they had a matchless quality battle in Japan, the clash was between the Taira and Minamoto. After a period of two years the people of Tiara tribe wanted to introduce their grandson to the throne and this was what started the war that lasted for over 5 years. Towards the end of the war the Minamoto succeeded as the infant and grandma kicked the bucket and this led to the ascent of the Samurai clan.

7.  The World Renowned Shoe Makers 




As they are popularly known the Puma and Adidas brothers, have engaged in series of arguments it all started at the amid of the World War II and the fight continues till present day. They had trust issues and this is what started the fight between them, where one thought the other was in charge of the rebels and the other thought he was spreading rumors about him.

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8.  The Puntis and the Hakkas




This is a group of Chinese tribes who have fought for so long in the years passed and have claimed millions of lives over the period, with this the groups has faced different war over the years.

9.  Albanians




If you know this group then you would understand that they do not play when it comes to taking revenge on challenges caused by anyone.

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10.  The Mizells and the Barbers




This is a dispute between the sheriff and the barber, when the barber cautioned the Sheriff not to step a foot in the territory that he has set. When David Mizell who is the Sheriff chose to play strong headed the Barber after giving him grace couldn’t take any more so he murdered the sheriff.