Top 10 Real-life Inspirations Behind Disney Sites & Architectures

1.  Sleeping Beauty Castle




This is an amazing castle that anyone would love to stay, despite it has this old feel, that is the more reason why you would want to have one, well this castle was an inspiration from the German castle which is looked upon to be one of the finest and nicest around the world, Disney practically loved it and had to introduce it in their animations.

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2.  Princess And The Frog City




If you look closely you can tell that there is resemblance between this city in the Animation and that of New Orleans, well that is seamlessly true. Although the image is dated back to the 1920s, this doesn’t stop it from been on of the most interesting part of the story, in fact you would love to see the animation over and over again just like I have done.

3.  Prince Eric Castle in Little Mermaid




This is a replica of Mont Saint Micheal in France, although there are some modifications in the design but yet this is one way of making it clear within the city animators and making it more intriguing for audience, as the design gives this personal feel of togetherness and engagement even amongst children.

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4.  Locality of lilolilo




If you have been to the Hawaiian Island you would know that this is one part of it created to make the world know how beautiful the island looks, the story is an inspiration to a lot of animators around the world in as much as we fail to admit this, when you carry out your research only then would you affirm to this facts. You know that not a lot of people would go back to question the designs created in their movies it’s easy and simple if you can ask.

5.  The Beast Palace in Beauty and the Beast




This is just another France inspiration, I am sure you must have heard that Paris happens to be a city for love and all of that, well now you know what they had to get over there to make something out of it.

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6.  Ramones Body Shop in Cars




Texas finally found their way to the minds of the creators of Disney movies and this dates back to 1936, how remarkable. If you have seen this movie you would know that it is really worth the watch and the details in the movie is very clear without conflicting with others.

7.  Frozen




Oh my I love this part of the story were the Ice palace in the animation was gotten from the Hotel in Canada, now I really want to see what this hotel looks like, it must be really heaven in earth if you know what am talking about. The Hotel was opened in 2001 and it is called Hotel de Glance, what better name would have made wave for the owners, perfect name and perfect structure.

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8.  Cottage in Seven Dwarfs in Snow White



When you look for complex then you shouldn’t look at this home, because it is created out of absolute simplicity and uniqueness from a place in LA. This was first built in 1931 and was rebuilt over time and till date it is known for its outstanding quality.

9.  Snow White Queens Castle




This is one beautiful design from the outstanding city of Spain as it is known. So many things that were created in the castle, they were based on various inspirations around the vas cities and the most interesting is that of Spain, I wish I could see the real picture but no am not over there, like a friend always would say, when I grow up I want to be like them.

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10.  Simba Land




This movie that took the world by surprise really stood out of any other place, with a beautiful story line, the inspiration behind this was gotten from Tanzania in Africa and most parts of Kenya, this was just a way of showing the best picture of what they were looking for eventually they got it. Without reading this right now you should know that it was Africa just by the pictorial representation created.