Top 10 Real Life Wizards of The World

1.  Aleister Crowley




A true depiction of evil personified, he could be thought as “the wickedest man in the world” and with good reason. He was a big time occult lord and even pioneered the modern occult practice seen in the world today. He was the biggest occultist in the world and shaped the way modern occultists worked with magic. He had love for alchemy. By 1898, he joined the hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. He was bisexual, with beliefs that caused feuds between the London and French branches of the order and this resulted to his leaving the order and he consequently started his own occult group founded on The lemic beliefs which was developed by him.

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2.  Eliphas Levi




A notable wizard of the Victorian magic age. He greatly influenced many occult societies around the world, Including the hermetic order of the Golden dawn with his book“Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual”.In 1853 he met Edward Bulwer-Lytton and this was when he began his work after being introduced to Rosicrucianism (This was a secret magical society based in medieval Germany). He developed the 3 basic principles of magic around the victorian age and this was considered to be his greatest achievement.

3.  Edward Talbot




Edward Kelley had a dear friend known as Talbot and they had one thing in common which is their love for magic. They lived in Europe where Kelley developed Enochian (a magical alphabet). Kelley also loved alchemy and it was said that he found a magical book of Dunstan in the 1580s which had powerful spells.

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4.  John Dee




Versatile in the mystic arts and also a science guru, John Dee was a scientific adviser to Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England. He was well versed in just about any field as he had no special interests and this knowledge was culminated in the publication of his first book, Monas Hyroglyphica, that represented creation and unity. In his hunger and thirst for magical skills, he sought ways to directly connect with the spirits and the spirit realm and this eventually led him to meet Edward Talbot who eventually became a long-time partner and friend in the magical arts. Dee and Talbot travelled to Europe where they showcased their magical skills to all and sundry including royalty.

5.  Cornelius Agrippa




He happens to be one of those who stood head and shoulders above the rest, a powerful wizard, he could be said to be the greatest magician of his time. Being a writer to be reckoned with, he had quite a number of books in his name which were cantered on the workings of the dark arts and their uses. Among all the books he wrote, “De Occulta Philosophia Libra Tres” which roughly translates into “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” stood above the rest and became his most popular book. The book inquired into and demonstrated a 3 level system of magic involving Alchemy, astronomy and vocal magic. He died around 1530.

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6.  Hew Draper




A former Inn keeper in the 1500’s he indulged in sorcery and was discovered and this resulted to his being caught and imprisoned in the tower of London. During his trial, he concurred to his love for magic although he stated that he had gotten rid of all his alchemy books. He became famous for predicting the day of his disappearance from prison via an engraved and significantly detailed astrological sign bearing his name and the date (30th May 1561) which he disappeared.

7.  Papus




Born in 1865, Gerard Encausse (as he was popularly called) was an known occultist and writer. Using his skills as a writer, he wrote many books on the dark arts. He even went ahead to form an occult group known as the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix in 1888. He didn’t stop there as he was also an active member of other magical societies including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light.

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8.  Paracelsus




Here’s an astonishing fellow, a brilliant man, well versed in astrology, alchemy, botany and even medicine. He was one of the proprietors of modern day chemistry as he was the one that named the element zinc. He was originally known as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, as that was the name he was given by his parents when he was born in 1493.He investigated into the causes and physiological roots and progression of numerous diseases.He could be called a doctor because he treated many patients using his knowledge of medicine and astronomy and he strongly believed that good health in man requires a balance and harmony with nature. He was also accredited which the development of a language used to conjure the assistance of spirits during the healing process; “The Alphabet of the Magi”.

9.  Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk




Known as the Baal Shem of London upon his arrival in London in 1940, he fled Germany where he was born in 1708 for fear of being burnt to death. Rabbi Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk had amazing mystic skills as it was rumoured that he could move objects with his mind, and also use incantations to fill a cellar with coal. Among the many legends said about him included that he once saved the great synagogue in London from a great fire by scribbling some words in Hebrew language on the pillars.

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10.  Nicholas Flamel




A notable character in the Harry Potter movie, Nicholas Flamel was born in the 1300’s. He was believed to be involved in alchemy and also the dark arts which resulted to his becoming a wizard which was believed to have occurred as he was travelling to Santiago de Compostela. He soon became wealthy and it was rumoured to be attributed to his wizardry, but actually, his wealth came from 2 shops he acquired using his wife sinheritatnce.  He eventually gave up th ghost in 1418.