Top 10 Richest and Most Successful LGBT People

1.  Tim Crook




This is a popular name found around the world, to crack the ice he is the current CEO of the leading technological company of all time “Apple”. He first came out in 2014 in public where he made his sexuality open. He is also listed amongst the richest LGBT persons in the world today. He has since then received a compensation of $4.25 million over the years. He doesn’t have any intention on hiding who he is and what he loves.

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2.  Jann Wenner


Jann Wenner


He is worth over $700 million over the years, he is the co-founder of the bi-weekly magazine which we all know as Rolling Stone. He is in a relationship with Matt Nye which is no news to his colleagues as they have known since the 1960s that he is gay. He was formally married to Jane Schindelheim with whom he had three children. What do you have to say about this? Well, don’t just stop there, go on and read more.

3.  Chris Hughes


Chris Hughes


Started as roommates to business partners, the all-time fine boy turned man, Chris is the co-founder of what we know as the largest social media of all time till date “Facebook”, he was the person that worked on the programming of the web page and also has been the one who acted as the spokesman. He has an incredible personality and has not had issues with anyone. Not then and not now.

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4.  Lady Gaga




Be you a lover of her songs or not, you sure have moved your head to most of it. It is no other person that the surprising Lady Gaga. She was born Stefani Germanotta, as fame would have it the name change came into play, today we know her as the Lady Gaga, forgetting her real name. She dropped out of school “New-York University to pursue her long lost love “Music”. Her record deal with Song was one of the best things that have ever happened to her just to name a few.

5.  Elton John


Elton John


Worth over $370 million and as its popular with musicians he dropped his real name Reginald Dwight, and for a certain the new name created the buzz just as he wanted it, he released a catalog of songs of which over 60 was a hit and also reached the Top 40. After much questioning on his dressing, he chose to come out in 1988. He announced he was bisexual. Not leaving out his partner David Furnish who has been with been with him over a decade now. You would be surprised to know that he was amongst the first individuals to get married in England when it was still legal.

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6.  Stefano Gabbana


Stefano Gabbana


With a net income of $1.7 billion, the co-founder of the company Dolce and Gabbana, the Italian fashion brand that has eaten deep into the industry. He owns the company with his former lover Domenico Dolce, the brand is worth over $5 billion in net value. Stefano had no time hiding in the closet about his sexuality and made it known that is not bisexual but openly gay.

7.  Domenico Dolce


Domenico Dolce


Don’t just get this all twisted when a partner is listed as the richest LGBT individual, you cannot stop but look into the file of those in which he is involved with, it is no other than Domenico Dolce, he is gay and has no time to play games. He is the co-founder and co-owner of the of the Italian Luxury Fashion brand. I am sure you have got a nice D&G bag at home, don’t waste any time, go in there and rock your boat.

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8.  Jennifer Pritzker


Jennifer Pritzker


Am I the only one seeing all of these? I don’t think so, you must have been wondering who is next on the list well here it goes. The largest member of the Pritzker family, this family is one of the richest families in the United States of America. The family owns other investments of which have ranked Jennifer with the net worth of $1.79 billion. She declared to change her gender in 2013.

9.  Jon Stryker


 Jon Stryker


He is the controlling officer of the medical company which he inherited from his grandfather.

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10.  Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel


The German entrepreneur Peter Andreas is the co-founder of PayPal. He served as CEO over time for the company with Max Levchin and Elon Musk.