Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors Who Started as Extras

1.  Clint Eastwood




Do you think it is easy to stand tall and make a different, you should ask the millionaire $375 million in gross worth.

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2.  Sylvester Stallone




Think about this, he is good looking, he is a great actor, he is friendly, and got an amazing smile. You sure wouldn’t know that he started as a writer if scripts and now has won the tv. He is worth $275 million.

3.  Brad Pitt




We love Brad, we love Brad, the crowd cheering and Brad looking happy smiling with so much energy he doubles into the scene and as what we know as small he finally took over. His act is absolutely sublime, true and original. He is not only known to be a cute guy but also knows how to make the ladies go crazy. Go and check out Less than Zero and you would understand better, that is why is has a net worth of $275 million.

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4.  George Clooney




He just might not be my favorite best but he sure know how to make people happy and most times sad, that all depends totally on you, well he makes us see ourselves from a different light. He is true to his act and always willing to do more, currently he is worth over $160 million.

5.  Bruce Willis 




The man always and mostly in suits looking good, although he is a star act, he doesn’t let that get to him since it’s all about the money. He has acted in couple of movies but as you know Rome was not built in a day, in other words he wouldn’t have risen to fame if he did not come in through one means. Now we are glad to say to you that the star is currently worth $150 million in role plays. He has indeed earned himself the right spot.

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6.  Matt Damon and Ben Affleck




Good Will Hunting is one of the extras these actors have acted in; these actors also had their friends act as extras in the movie Field of Dreams, overtime the actors have developed the love for screens and now they are amongst the richest in the industry today worth $140 million, they are richer than our Jackie Chan with over $10 million. We have looked for something different from an act and they have created that movement.

7.  Jackie Chan




If there is someone to admire it should be this actor who has stolen my tv set and made it his, he knows how to make you stay glued to the screens, well I am not surprise about this he is no other person than the man worth $130 million, just became a legend he was having fun kicking butts and taking over the scenes slowly in most of Bruce Lee movies which was Enter the Dragon.

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8.  Renee Zellweger




The lady that is worth a total sun of $60 million is no other than Renee Zellweger who has been in the industry for a while now and still is pulling the crowd to herself, she is not only beautiful as you may know she also is amongst the richest Hollywood actors in the world, if you don’t see this as a big deal then you really have to look again. She has shown an incredible power of the woman race in the movie industry and we hope others would follow up.

9.  Marilyn Monroe




Don’t think about this for long but you must know that the dazzling actress was a model and singer, oops! I know you did not know that, well now you know about it, we should give her more credits. She has taken over the movie world and over the years built a unique fan base for herself. She is rated one of the richest actors in the movie industry and that is to say she is worth over $27 million, is this beautiful that she is not only pretty but also rich?

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10.  Channing Tatum





He is worth $14million of which most of the acting gigs that brought him fame was those which he acted as extra, you did not know that he had the flare for dancing and something for modeling which earned him some cool cash. Today the shift of his passion went even broader and he took over the screen with is fine boy face and sexy body, one of the most prominent role was in War of the Worlds.