Top 10 Richest Video Game Developing Companies

1.  Sony Computer Entertainment




Worth $13.4 billion is no other than the Sony group. They are the creators of what we know today as Playstation, PSP, PSP VITA, PSP GO and many more.

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2.  Microsoft Studios




The gaming company which started in 2002, it is worth over $12.82 billion and it is the father of the popular game Halo which has created jobs for thousands of individuals, this company has also created a healthy competition in the market of gamers and given out a lot of cash prizes, the design is unique and different. The company strives to be the best in the market but yet hasn’t beaten our next contender.

3.  Nintendo




They are worth over $6.28 billion and they are the reason why I want to ensure my children are all programmers, they have successfully created the Nintendo for everyone, started with the handheld game known as GameBoy and then they moved to the screens and created the Nintendo Wii which till date has a different control panel and style to it. They gave really done well as a company.

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4.  Sega




They have a yearly value of $4.9 billion although this company has started for a long time now they are still holding on to the market, they have created the Sonic game which we all enjoy today, most of which are played by children around. They change the system for us while we had nowhere to run to, they came up with the game Sega which uses cartridge.

5.  Activision




They are the major players in the gaming industry as they have taken the time out to make a child happy playing their games, you would agree with me that this company can be better but have chosen to make a difference in their own way. They are currently worth $4.85 Billion and counting. They are famous for the creation of what we know today as Call of Duty.

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6.  Namco Bandai




Current value of this company is $4.74 billion and counting, I am so glad I played this game as a kid and now I have the chance to tell you about it. They are the makers of the popular Tekken that we all know and Naruto. I love Naruto as they talk and all it is epic, they have got good characterization and they know how to work the graphics to fit your screen. The technological stages of the gaming world changed with them on board.

7.  Electronic Arts




Do you love good games? Well if you do like I do then you should know that Electronic Arts has been the creators of the popular voice the beginning of their into “EA sports” it is in the game and then the soccer would load, after which we would be so excited and want to play with our friends just to proof a point. This company has its current worth at $4.14 billion.

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8.  Konami




We all played these games one way or the other and they were created by this amazing gaming company, they have got over $3.24 billion as their current value and this is one company that created a memory for every child. They are the creators of Pro evolution Soccer, and their popular game Metal Gear. They are a conglomerate of different other companies which render product and services.

9.  Ubisoft




The creators of the watchdog gam, the division game amongst others the company is valued at $1.89 billion. This is the third largest gaming company in the world and has resulted to millions of gamers; the company has also established a direct connection with its audience using various platforms. Some of their popular games would include Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed and many more.

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10.  Square Enix




With a total earning of $1.6 billion, it is regarded as one of the most recognized companies in Japan; they are the creators of Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. The company is leading in its field and this has resulted to the Tomb Rider franchise they currently own and not leaving out the fact that Final Fantasy has hit its height although it is still climbing $110 million in sales over the years.