Top 10 Richmond Hill Attractions


Richmond Hill in Ontario, Canada is one of the greatest locations to visit when you want to have some great family fun (or individual fun) as you take in some of the most unique attractions that this town has to offer. In fact, here are the top ten attractions you can find while you’re in Richmond Hill. You won’t be able to stop at just the first one.

1. Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts


When music is your favorite interest or you enjoy a good performance of musical theatre, you’ll definitely want to see what’s being offered at the Performing Arts center in Richmond Hill while you’re here. You can spend an enjoyable evening taking in one performance or another as you sit in comfortable seating, made for such a venue. You’ll love the intimate setting and the acoustics as you take in the great performance for that evening.

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2. Wilcox Lake

Wilcox Lake


With some upgrades and renovations completed recently, you will find yourself enjoying the time you spend at Wilcox Lake as you walk along the boardwalk, take in the park, or make your way to the canoes and kayaks available for rent. You can even walk to the park from most places in town, making an entire day of it as you walk to the lake and then move on to other pursuits or spend the entire day as your heart desires.

3. David Dunlap Observatory

David Dunlap Observatory


When you want to see the stars and the night sky in its most glorious state, then you’ll want to make your way to the observatory. While the place isn’t the biggest observatory you could ever visit, you’ll love the history of the place as its beginnings originate with its telescope coming from England back in 1930. As you listen to one of the lectures offered here, you’ll find that some of the greatest discoveries have indeed taken place at this humble observatory.

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4. The Burr House Craft Gallery and Tea Room

 The Burr House Craft Gallery and Tea Room


Another great historical place to visit is this great little craft shop and tea room set in one of the first heritage homes of Richmond Hill. You can partake of some great tea and scone choices before making your way through the galleries of craft items made locally. Run by volunteers, you’ll find the authenticity and atmosphere is a great way to spend a few hours as you shop for some great treasures to bring back home.

5. Skyworks Balloon Company Limited

Skyworks Balloon Company Limited


If you’re needing some fun adventure while you’re in Richmond Hill, it’s highly recommended that you take the balloon ride of a lifetime. You can experience one of the most breathtaking views as your balloon sails high over the town, allowing you to see a number of sights as you make your way from takeoff to landing. Just don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture some great shots as you sail over Richmond Hill.

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6. Richmond Hill Heritage Centre

Richmond Hill Heritage Centre


The Heritage Centre is the place to go when you have a birthday party or other social event. You’ll find that they have a number of activities and options available to make your event a complete success whether your guests are seven or ninety. With the friendly staff and the great features, you’ll find yourself wanting to come time and again for future events.

7. SilverCity Richmond Hill

SilverCity Richmond Hill


Not only this a great place to bring the kids to watch some awesome new releases, you’ll also find that this place offers some great arcade games and concession stands to keep your kids happy and occupied before the movie starts. They can even enjoy the games after the movie if you’re not in any hurry to leave. It’s a great way to spend a few hours with your children as you take in some classic and new arcade games, some delicious food, and a good family movie.

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8. Richmond Hill Golf Club

Richmond Hill Golf Club


When you’re needing some time to yourself or want to play a great sport with the family, you won’t find a better place than the Richmond Hill Golf Club. As you enjoy the full-length golf course, you can also check into other options available through the clubhouse, such as rooms for conferences and other party types. With friendly service and delicious food, you’ll be happy that you came to spend a morning or afternoon here.

9. Footbar



While the name is a weird one, it’s one of the best places to go for a massage. Located within the Golden Plaza, you can make your reservation and find yourself waiting anxiously to have your fantastic massage. Not only are the beds comfortable and the rooms cozy, you won’t find a better experience with the staff that’s here from the front room to the massage therapists on hand. So, lie down, relax, and enjoy your time here as you put your muscles in the hands of experts.

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10. The Wave Pool

The Wave Pool


When you’re wanting to give yourself or your children some swim lessons or just want to enjoy a pool for a few hours, you’ll find that The Wave Pool is more than adequate for your needs. You can take in the pool, swimming laps or just horse around with your family as you book a few hours of time. The Wave Pool is available for private use as well as public with a small fee for both. There’s even rooms to enjoy a birthday party next to the pool as added fun for the kids while they’re here.

With so much to do in Richmond Hill, you’ll wonder how you’ll ever fit everything in as you take in these great attractions and others around town. You can spend your days taking in all the nature to shopping to even taking in the town’s rich history. It’s a vacation you won’t soon forget.