Top 10 Romantic Movies Featuring Holidays

1.  While You Were Sleeping




It is always difficult to make a list of movies especially when it comes to every lady favorite which as we know it, that would be the emotional, romantic movie which has brought partners together and in some other part of the world it has broken relationships, don’t just check this out, go and see this amazing movie with that woman you have always wanted to give a treat. Take her to a nice home cinema and see this.

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2.  Bridget Jones Diary




If you think love isnt really your thing that I guess you havent seen enough just to convince you, this movie would recreate your love life and would give you more insight. don’t just think that because he wasn’t there someone else wont be there to make you happy or pat your back and tell you everything would be alright. Well the Bridget Jones Diary is just the right movie for you, it was produced in 2001.

3.  Serendipity




You might just see the word pity at the end of that movie title and think this is going to be one sad movie, your guess is as good as mine but you know what we are both wrong, this movie is the one that helps alot of lovers and it would definitely hold you glued to your screen. Let the love you have be renewed from the very start with this movie Serendipity. Waste no time anymore to get a hold of this.

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4.  Holiday Inn 1942




Why does it have to be all about the 90’s well it seems like the young lads of today need some old love coach to help them spice their relationships? This is called an Oldy but a goody and it sound track was nominated at the oscars, this is not only incredible but also outstanding, I love the fact that we had to go back in the day to know how the love and romance use to be, at lease the young lads would have a new way of spinning the ladies.

5.  There Goes the Groom




This movie would really keep you in the holiday mood for a while and after which it would bring you a warm nice romance which is just a perfect combination for your partner and yourself,this I am so sure. When you have a projection for a perfect wedding, be sure to see the best out of this movie. Is has a touch of some sad scenes which just makes it really great.

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6.  Santa Clause




Just the name alone should have given you an insight of what the movie should look like, yes it is all about the Holiday and yes it about special people that matters in your life.

7.  The Holiday 2006




Let us get sentiments out of this, the actor is not really my best though but yes who really cares? All that matters is that the movie makes the perfect holiday film to watch so don’t just read it, go and purchase yours today and see it with couple of friends, that would make it really worthwhile.

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8.  Scrooged




There is always a nice feel of comedy added to romantic during the holidays if you understand what I mean, they is always a time whereby you really need a good laugh outside everything you may have been surrounded by. This is a good movie and it would get you off every form of depression you just might feel you are going through.

9.  Love Actually




I am inexperienced with the matters of the heart but here is one movie that as the right juice you those of us that are like myself.

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10.  Emmet Otters Jugband Christmas




There is nothing so romantic about this but when you have to think about the guys in the movies you cant just turn away from the screen, tell me what you think.