Top 10 Scariest Places In The World

There are so many places that are very much adventurous than any alien landscape that every adventure lover will love to go. Below is a list of the top 10 scariest places in the world;

  1. Gettysburg Battlefield
  2. Shades of Death Road
  3. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico
  4. Hell Town
  5. The Myrtles Plantation
  6. Stull Cemetery
  7. Moundsville, West Virginia
  8. Bell Witch Cave
  9. Riddle House, Florida
  10. Pluckley, Kent

1.  Gettysburg Battlefield


Gettysburg Battlefield


This place is scary because over 50,000 soldiers were killed there and their souls is said to still come to the battlefield and cry. The place is known to be a site of Civil War’s battle. Devil’s Den where the corpse of those soldiers were buried is very close to this battlefield. Due to the fact that the place is not fit for tourist and it’s been encountering ghostly history, it has been restricted.

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2.  Shades Of Death Road


Shades of Death Road


This road is expanded in about 7 miles of the country side and is in New Jersey, USA. There are so many mysteries about this road among which is that the people claimed they saw white and black souls wandering on the close road while they were travelling. It’s said that highway men who0 are dead are the ones killing people on the particularly those crossing at night.

3.  The Island Of The Dolls, Mexico


The Island of the Dolls, Mexico


This island is found in Xochimilco area of Mexico and it’s filled with trees initiate with dolls’ heads. Report have it that it was the soul of a little girl who passed away on this island that produce those doll heads and her body was found in a canal close to this island. It is said that when one cut those trees when they grow back they still produce the dolls head.

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4.  Hell Town




It came into existence in the 70’s and is in the Northern Summit Country, Ohio. Back then the houses were torn down and was in the like an amusement park. Its landscape is very scary due to the fact that the souls of those that their houses were torn down still wander in the town. Ghost story tellers confirmed that the town is not fit for tourist, and so many ghost hunters had lost their lives there which has made the experienced hunters refuse to go there.

5.  The Myrtles Plantation


The Myrtles Plantation


This place is known to be a ghostly inhabitant and has been also known to be a deadly place because it was built on a burial ground. The ghost is said to disappear after killing children and ladies. People have claimed to see a long haired woman roaming the street at night. There had been so many complaints about the place by the people living very close, but there haven’t been a rigid fact to back it up which made the place closed up to visitors.

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6.  Stull Cemetery


Stull Cemetery


In the early 20th century, there were 20 people living in this small town of Bumfuck. 2 people who were father and son died in an accident and were buried on the farm field, their death has been a mystery and some years later some people also lost their live and were hanged on the tree without people knowing the cause of their death or the person who murdered them. The place has been marked as a scary place by USA’s various books.

7.  Moundsville, West Virginia


Moundsville, West Virginia


This is a place where violent criminal where kept without food and any facilities for the purpose of making them changes their ways and it is located in Western Virginia, USA. So many criminals lost their lives there because the interior was scary. In the year 1995 the prison was shut down because the souls of the dead criminals is said to be roaming and crying inside the prison every night.

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8.  Bell Witch Cave


Bell Witch Cave


This is the cave where John Bell and his family lost their lives and the cave is said to be black and dark. People have been forced to rent or buy their house far away from the cave due to the fact that the cave is said to punish young people in the neighborhood. Everything in the cave is said to be cursed to the sand on the floor. Many images of the cane interior has been captured with the help of technological tools but there have not gotten any useful image.

9.  Riddle House, Florida


Riddle House, Florida


This house is owned by Karl Riddle, and was built in the year 1920. The building is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. It said that the souls of Karl and his employee Joseph are seen roaming about because they committed suicide in the house. Nobody know the mystery behind their death but it is said they died a miserably death. The whole environs are scary; the garden, the house and nearby houses which has made the place restricted for people to come and stay.

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10.  Pluckley, Kent


Pluckley, Kent


It’s known to be a haunted and scary village of Britain because of the large number of ghost roaming the vicinity at night, and is located very close to Ashford in Kent. People said they had been hearing loud cries from different part at night. The place has been restricted for tourist by the government but ghost hunters are still allowed to go there to confirm the authenticity of the claims.