Top 10 Secret Societies That Shaped Our World

1.  The Germanenorden




I don’t think I like the sound of that name but who cares my opinions are to be kept to me right? This group was founded in 1812 in Germany years after  their creation they joined hands in 1918 to defeat the communal changing Thule Society.  This is really significant since their history and just to name a few, they tend to be a leading group in their own state.

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2.  Afrikaner Broederbond




One thing you must know about this group, they are just numbers of racial people who believe they can change the world, in their quest. You must be above 25 to join them and you must also posses the white color skin to be in their group, anything outside that consider yourself out totally. It was created couple of months into 1918 when the German society defeated Thule Society, what a coincidence.

3.  The Carbonari


The Carbonari


You should know that having 60,000 members is not a day job but this society succeeded in making that happen in vas ways, they have an history have taking down the great King Ferdinand during the period of Napoleon, although we cannot determine the period of they existence but you could trace it back to the era of their reign and till date.

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4.  La Trinitaria




When you look at the lives around the world calling out for vas societies and this group is not there then know that you have made the wrong selection of groups, the Group from Dominican Republic was established in 1838 and they were created because of the outcry of the people who wanted freedom from clutches under Haitian rule, this was the beginning of the new change everyone has always wanted, we just hope they love what they got eventually.

5.  The Hawaiian League




When you hear words like leagues and the likes then you must know that it involves power and great responsibility, with and within the bearers. You don’t just go around calling your group league without power or influence and this is why this group made the charts, they have shown that they are capable of making things happen just the way the people want it and this is really extraordinary.

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6.  Filiki Etaireia




Created by a group of brothers who are known as friendly brothers in the early 1814, they came together in other to change the game, this was a way to overthrow the ruling Ottoman in the country. Unfortunately for them during the spring their walls began to crack during the war, and all hidden was found in the open.

7.  Katipunan




There are things which happen to be very prominent amongst all societies created, they have been made due to the fact that they want to change what is in existence, just like having Katipunan created in 1892 just with the sole aim of opposing the Spanish Dominion.

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8.  Irish Republican Brotherhood




You should know that Canada, the United State was under England, Australia and New Zealand. Just to know that the Brotherhood was found in South America, each of their territories has members who stood with great significance.

9.  The Black Hand


The Black Hand


This is one group that way created to fight against the Ottoman government, after which it made its point. It was established in May 9, 1911. Every member of the group swore that they would keep things highly confidential or take their lives.

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10.  The Union of Salvation




Holding on to the values that we believe in, is what makes us stronger, this is the Union of Salvation which was created by 6 military persons, established by the Opaque and various other forms. You really need to know this about them.