Top 10 Sights to See in Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec in Canada. It is also considered to be the second largest city in the whole of Canada, and the 18th largest in North America. Montreal was originally named Ville Marie of City of Mary. The city is named after Mount Royal, which is the triple-peaked hill in the center of the city.

One must never miss the top 10 sights to see when visiting the city of Montreal.

1.  Saint-Louis Square


Saint-Louis Square


Originally a reservoir, the place was recreated into a beautiful park back in the late 1870’s. The square was named after the city’s most renowned businessmen, Emmanuel and Jean Baptiste Saint Louis who were brothers.

Houses began sprouting which beautified the area even more. French-Canadians belonging in the upper-middle class built their houses which have been favored by writers, poets, musicians and even visual artists.

Another special reason to visit the Saint Loius Square is the park which is perfect for a walk by a mother and child under a calm sky and bright sunshine.

The benches are there especially for visitors and park lovers.

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2.  Laurentian Mountains


Laurentian Mountains


For winter sporty people, consider the Laurentian Mountains to be a spot to visit in the snowy season.

But the summer season can be inviting as well in late June until August for some summer getaway. Watersports are most welcome in the lakes under a summer sky.

The young and old alike will be entertained and astounded by various activities lined up whole year round. Events for lovers of food or music, and many other diverse interests.

3.  Olympic Park


Olympic Park


There are just countless highlights at the Olympic Park. A guided our at the Olympic Park might take an hour filled with information, entertainment and interesting showcases. Architectural masterpieces and stunning history await guests and familiar visitors alike.

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4.  Notre-Dame Basilica


Notre-Dame Basilica


Discover a whole new place in the basilica. An experience of beauty and pure source of joy in the heart.

The sight is just breath-taking.

A mixture of history and architecture, an opportunity of a truly exceptional experience await excursionists, especially chorales who would like to experience humming or singing beneath the vast roof and within the four corners of the structure.

5.  Places Jacques-Cartier


Places Jacques-Cartier


Built in the 19th century, the square has been one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. The site used to be a market place for many years. It was a prime place for gathering by public and was an entertainment site for people who love fun.

This place is perfect for people who love strolling while appreciating architecture under a good weather. Fine dining restaurants are all around the place for people with big or not quite big appetite between and after the stroll.

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6.  Rue Sherbrooke


Rue Sherbrooke


Rue Sherbrooke or Sherbrooke Street is the second longest street on the island and is divided into two portions: the Sherbrooke Street East and the Sherbrooke Street West.

Sherbrooke is home to lots of historic mansions.

The street got its name from the governor general of British North America in 1816 to 1818, John Coape Sherbrooke Visiting the place, your eyes will be thrilled with what architecture and scenic structures the streets have in store.

7.  Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden


Montreal’s Botanical Garden is known to be one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world. Considered to be the city’s treasure, it is a thematic garden and has green houses. A beetle covered with flowers is one of the highlights of the garden.

The garden is nature-fovused. Butterflies go free into the air too.

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8.  Parc Jean Drapeau


Parc Jean Drapeau


Parc Jean Drapeau has within it the finest outdoor pool complex in the whole of Canada. An almost endless list of events happen at the park. From fun in the water to thrill on the rides.  Aquaboarding, obstacle course in the water. Visiting the Biosphere Environment Museum is ever exciting as much as it is informative.

Anything is out there to enjoy for anyone who loves fun!

9.  Old Montreal


Old Montreal


Old Montreal, by history, is the oldest city in Montreal. For the love of old architecture and structures, you will never have any idea on what to do: to move forward or go back. This is because of the vast expanse of beauty of buildings to explore and gaze upon.

If you are in for an ultimate urban experience packed with boating and rollerblading, never miss Old Montreal.

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10.  Mont Royal


Mont Royal


Mont Royal covers a 200-hectare area of parks. The Beaver Lake is an added stud. Mont Royal is best for jogging, strolling, and gazing at greens to get away from the busy buzz in the city.

Dog walkers and nature observers are always most welcome to explore the beauty in store.