Top 10 Social Networking Sites that Failed to Stand the Test of Time

1.  Orkut




At the early period of 2014 the site was created which is named after google employee and creator, counting the success made in the past, most countries lived based on this, having to hold the world at ransom and this was a great stride far back as 2008, when India and Brazil would just do anything to be on this platform, it is said that the owner faced his own share of challenges and this created the fall of the site.

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2.  My Space




I remember the rules of this site were really tough to most people and this is why it is most interesting and not surprising that the social media platform failed over the years, they lacked a foresight of what was before them and they crumbled, although they had their glory for been the most popular website in the world which was launched in 2003 and failed after lack of innovation and style.

3.  Live Journal




I don’t think this ever existed, well if it did then the owners should be really sad about their creation that failed, since its birth in 1999, it really took a great shape but its change was not seen. The way we have created this social media platforms, has clearly changed the things. It is ranked 135 on the social media platform and this today cannot be rated as one of the best.

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4.  HI5




This just was on platform for kids, although the dating site really created a buzz but at some point they lost it, it was founded in 2004 and in 2008 it was declared as the most popular website in the world, just after it was done that created the fall of this platform, the challenges were obvious. When you want to create a platform of this kind ensure to have it done with a vision.

5.  iTunes Ping




we love apple and their way of thinking, they try to come out from the circle of friends and other social media platforms, but now just after their lunch they chose to shut down their musical platform which was created to get audience and fans closer to their favorite artiste, I guess apple saw that the competition would be too high and they chose to shut down just days after the lunch, this to me is wisdom.

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6.  Friendster




 It was founded in 2002, it started as one of the best social networking sites, slowly found its way to the top and was regarded as the pioneer of the social media, but how long did they make it on the chat? Well your guess is as good as mine, they were barely months and weeks away from their great fall, they did not see the competition and this was the major reason they had issues at some point.

7.  Eons




This one invention changed the game, the social media platform Jeff Taylor is the founder of, I am glad to have him work his way to the top, and the platform was initiated to serve as a place for Baby Boomers and other internet users above the age of 40. It is said that site failed to gain traction after the $34million investment put into it.

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8.  Iyomu




This is an adult site that had its fair share from the online users, I am sure the owners were proud of what they wanted and they went for it, this created a total form of out play and made the site stand out in its time, so sad it failed eventually.

9.  The Hub




Established in 2006 by a reputable company, as we know it to be “Walmart” which is still fighting their way to be the best online seller, but the Hub couldn’t survive the pressure from the market chain.

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10.  Connect U




This is the known as Harvard Connection founded by Mark friends who was his roommate.