Top 10 Star-Entertainers with Simple Lives

1.  Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio


Wealth is a custom to making individuals do what they feel should be right, but not all wealthy men think that way, my handsome prince has chosen to control his wealth rather than have it control him, despite the love for private jets and the likes he is still using the normal commercial planes, and you would think he should own the Royce family but his choice of cars is simple and nothing too fancy, not forgetting he is a beautiful actor.

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2.  Robert Pattinson




The only man to declare himself homeless due to the fact that he had his parents move over to his house, this is weird but yes he has made his choices, I would say that everyone needs to hold up a smart phone and use the most amazing gadgets but Robert would disagree with that, be believes life should be easy as can be, that’s why he has no flare for the extravagant lifestyle.

3.  Taylor Lautner




Knowing that I can buy or do anything I want is just enough to step on people’s toes but this handsome boy clearly doesn’t agree with me, he has created principles that he lives by, although he has made his mistakes but yet he is still doing what he has always done, wake up without a fancy maid or steward to help, he doesn’t the lawn when needed and would greet as many as can be, I bare would known he is a celebrity.

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4.  Emma Watson




We don’t know what we need to do when we need to do them, this thing known as fame has eaten deep in so many bones and Emma is one lady that has stopped it in her time, she finds it unappealing to do, what’s the essence of making noise about the wealth you would leave behind in the world? Well if you understand this then you would understand life.

5.  Jennifer Lawrence




I love her name, I love her style, I love her walk, she is a celebrity no doubt with an Oscar Award, this alone is enough for her to feel on top of the world but she has known that all these things don’t last and her life is just a part of the puzzle, all she has to do is teach others so they may know that they too can leave simple without stepping on toes. Simple as this can be, family is always her best goal, isn’t this lovely?

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6.  Rafael Nadal




The tennis start makes the list, how remarkable, okay now let us look at what makes him so simple to be a part of this, he has nothing much to say other than the fact that he made the list because his dressing and lifestyle is just as easy as every other person, you would be amazed to know that at age 24 he was still in his parents house, despite the wealth he did not leave his heritage. That’s total humility.

7.  Sarah J Parker




This lady knows how to keep is easy, although she has 3 houses yet she is not willing to have anyone dress them, that is not to say that she would have you over someday, just so you know.

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8.  Zooey Deschanel




When I have money all I want to do is help people and that is what she is doing till date, the rest part of her wealth goes to the stock market.

9.  Dave Grohl




I love the forward thinking of this man, he knows the importance of everything and that’s why he has said that he doesn’t want anything to be abused so he keeps it on a low.

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10.  Stewart Copeland




You see they are times whereby we think we need to chase after wealth, but there are also times where we get to understand that wealth is just a part of the plan, and that is what Steward has done.