Top 10 Strange English Word Meanings in Idioms and Phrases

1.  Hue



When this word is been used we see it has an expressions of feeling , or emotions but in the literal sense it is commonly used as a way to showing the balance in colors and this is one of the reasons why it is mostly used.  In the separation we can tell that Hue means color and on the other hand it stands for character, we can tell that over time most words have be placed in others, while others have changed completely.

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2.  Sleight



This is the use of  dexterity, which is used for the purpose of tricking an individual to believing either what is or what is not, whichever way this word is just one that has all in it. When we look into this we mostly spell this wrongly and feel that we are getting it. The word sleight is a reflection of what we know to be “Slight” which is wrongly used, when carry an act you have to use this not the other.

3.  Deserts



This really thrilled me when I figured it out for the first time and I am sure that you would find it hard to believe but here you go, the word we have spent over years wondering and thankful about, I just discovered that it means “that which is deserved”, wow! How can that be well it is true and you could check this out at your own free time, I am sure you would find out more about the term.

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4.  Dint



I use this word all the time and I took it for an abbreviated version of “Didn’t” well here is a new one for you to ponder on for a while but don’t sleep on it, it is the word Dint which is hollow on a surface, you know when someone hits your car and a part is pressed in for a while, this is the expression, so don’t go around looking for words, just inform the person that he has to pay for the Dint done to your car or whatever you have.

5.  Roughshod



You have said this couple of times and I am sure you invent your translation to this, most of us would say it is to run or something similar to that, but that’s not out really true and we have to take note of this, when we see words of this kind we should always refer to our dictionaries for guardians, well as for the meaning of the word, it is simply having shoes with nail heads projecting to prevent slipping, now that got you right.

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6.  Kith



This is just one that we all had no idea about and this I can say for certain, the word Kith is also known as kin which refers to someone’s relation as the case may be, it cannot be used individually, so in other to make sense out of this you have to keep both words tired together. It is understandable that most of us might not have the knowledge about this but now you do, don’t waste it, teach others so they can also grow.

7.  Fro



This is commonly used especially when it is in relation with a trip, either way we use this to express how we would be moving through things and in most context it is was referenced in the Bible. The word fro is denoted as from and this is derived from the Northern English which the Scottish speak, It can be also be said as “to do fro” which is another way of saying “remove”.

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8.  Lurch



When we are not consistent with the action we carry out this expression can be used and it simply means leaving something or someone abruptly at the middle of things, it can also stand for the term unsteady, uncontrolled movement. It was first discovered in the 17th century and this has been picked up by other tribes and natives, it would be great seeing a lot of individuals use terms of this kind.

9.  Umbrage



You must know what we call the umbrella, this is one that covers an individual from the hit, heat, and other factors that may fall on the person, but here Umbrage is similar in the sense that we have its meaning as “Cover”.

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10.  Shrift



We visit friends and tell them our secrets which in other words could be our confessions; shrift is a representation of what we know as Confession.