Top 10 Strange People With Bizarre History

Everyone has some skeletons in there closet, or a past that people would find strange. It might be for something someone has done, it might be what something that was done to them. Even famous people are not above this. There are many people with a strange past, so here are 10 people with a very strange history.

1.  James Earl Jones


James Earl Jones


James Earl Jones is a man of many voices, and is best known for his many voices. However when he was a kid, he had a stutter so bad that he went mute for 8 years.

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2.  John Adams


John Adams


John Adams was the second president of the united states, and his presidency was important for the simple fact that he is the example George Washington wanting to give the power to someone else. However what made John weird was the name of his dog. One of his dogs was named Satan.

3.  David Bowie


David Bowie


David Bowie is a famous musician who has been considered a music innovator by critics and the masses a like. However what is strange about him was his left eye. It turns out he got that eye in a fight with at girl.

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4.  Martin Luther King Jr


Martin Luther King Jr


Martin Luther King Jr is the first person anyone thinks of when they hear the word civil rights. I was in fact the figure head of the civil rights movement during the 60’s. However Martin Luther King Jr was also a Star Trek fan. In fact he was even able to convince Nichelle to stay on the show instead of going to Broadway.

5.  Bill Gates


Bill Gates


Bill Gates is one of the most innovative people of all time. His company Microsoft, has many things like PCs, Laptops, and game consoles. Bill Gates was a different person in school. In fact when he was told to make a code from programming school schedules, he changed the code so that he would be in a class with mostly female students.

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6.  Bill Murray


Bill Murray


Bill Murray is an american actor and comedian. He is best known for his SNL skits and his role in ghostbusters as Peter Venkman. However Bill has had something dark in his past. Bill Murray was once arrested in 1970 for smuggling 10 pounds of marijuana.

7.  Dr Seuss


Dr Seuss


Dr Seuss is the most famous children’s author anyone can think of. He has made classics children’s books such as the cat in the hat, how the Grinch stole Christmas, and more. However what really sets him apart is his story green eggs and ham. While it might not have been his first story, it has made him more popular. The reason why is because some one had a bet with him that he couldn’t right a story with only 50 words.

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8.  Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs


In today’s world most people have things like a phone are a laptop. And most of these phones and laptops are made by apple, the company that was developed by the late Steve jobs. Steve Jobs was a genius and was one of the most influential people of all time. However he was not perfect, not even in his intellect. At one point in his life Steve Jobs became a vegan. Why? Well because he though they if he were to become a vegan, he would never need to bathe.

9.  Dr Ruth


Dr Ruth


Ruth Westheimer is a  sex therapist, media personality, and author. She is known for her work on the radio and has been described as having a voice that only a  psychologist could have. Despite here very personality when on the radio or else where, Dr. Ruth was in fact a Sniper. In fact she is able to reload a automatic rifle in under a minute, blind folded.

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10.  Roy Sullivan


Roy Sullivan


Well Roy Sullivan might not be someone that in necessarily famous, what makes his history strange is what he survived. What did he survive exactly?  A lightning strike. Not just one, but many lightning strikes. Not only do lightning strike kill people, but they rarely happen to people. Roy Sullivan has been struck 7 times in his life, from the years of 1942 to 1972. What would end up ultimately killing Sullivan was suicide by gun.