Top 10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

1.  Christian Bale




He was born January 30, 1974, he is a great superstitious performer loved by many. Bale is a well-known and talented actor who is not only an act but has taken it to another level, he is seen as a brand now making waves now in the industry, this is one way to go if you really want to achieve anything you hope for, first you look in the mirror and then tell yourself what you want, don’t stop there, go for it.

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2.  Patrick Dempsey




Although, I must confess, Patrick has the name of a baby and the looks are just more like it, he is reaaly putting his acts together and winning the hearts of his fans and those we would like to call his young lovers, he has got amazing eyes and looks good in those beards. He is a great actor that is obsessed with auto racing, not leaving out the fact that he is a daring guy. When you see him, take a look at his shoes and tell me what you think.

3.  James McAvoy




I could call his name a thousand times and not get tired of the process, he is the great actor, who I am sure a lot of ladies would not sleep at night without saying “James McAvoy good night”, this could have been done with a blush all over them. This is what a lot of you don’t know; James is just too frightened to mess around when dealing with the superstitions, especially those that were told by his grannies.

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4.  Kristin Chenoweth




Finally, we have a woman in play, I never though any had what it takes to be up on this chat but my Darling Kristin Chenoweth did a great job, she is a great Hollywood celeb and the amazing superstitious performer. Although she would rather sing in the movies and act a little, she still doesn’t look back when it comes to anything that would give her fame, oh yes, anything that would give her fame.

5.  Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston


Okay, I know we never really had ladies on this review right? There again is another lady who is taking this stage by storm, no words of relent at this point just amazing quotes of love, give it up for the sweet Jennifer Aniston, by the way I love her looks and she has just got that smile that would turn any man on!!!. Despite she is not as young as many would imagine she still got her game on.

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6.  Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton


Sexy would be very wrong to use for this astonishing beauty, she is really outstanding when it comes to this amazing princess Paris Hilton, she has got the eyes of a goddess, the look of a charmer and the heart of a lover, give it up for her. She is not really superstitious as we would presume but she has got her game going on really tight, when she chooses to get it right she does and that ends it.

7.  Heidi Klum




I don’t know the origin of that name though but it doesn’t spoil the look of the actress who loves pictures, and I could believe if I am told that she is a onetime model, she has shown excellence in her acts and would not stop at that she is also a superstitious actor. She has got a charm that got her fans all over her loving the way she does the walk, the talks and the eyes. Oh well I think I am crushing on this beautyyy!!!

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8.  Cameron Diaz




If you don’t like her its fine, you don’t have to, her sexiness may have caused a bone to break am sure, well there is just no one that would stay without loving this strong woman, she has got a rare talent and she knows how to put it to play, when you have something and you can use it conveniently then that’s a gemstone everyone would die for, it doesn’t end there, she knows how to smiles with those cute eyes.

9.  David Annable




Even when his last name sounds like he took that from his mother, it did not stop him from going after what he wants. He is a great actor with some qualities that you just might need that is something I know for sure. In fact he has a right concerning the coffee that he drinks each morning, he loves his cap with the backline showing deliberately, this is really good stuff.

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10.  Rainn Wilson




Not all Wilsons have got the act just like this one, he is one of the best.