Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Asia

1.  Burj Khalifa




I have always wanted to go around Dubai just because of this building which has a magnificent structure, it is 2722 feet high which give it this very spectacular look and without turning back they have been able to create this within the space of 6 years, as we know the Arabs do not joke when it comes to deadlines, this makes their work move even better at the time.

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2.  Shanghai Tower




This is not a competition of any kind as we should have said it is, but it is one of those places which was created to make the city look really attractive and colorful, if you are a tourist and you haven’t been around here then you would be missing out on a lot of things in this city. Take the time out with your family and have a lovely time here.

3.  Abraj Al-Bait




They have given this tower various names over the years but as we know there is always one which is most prominent about everything which is the name called Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower, at first I was thinking that places like Hotels where not allowed in a country of that kind but to my surprise they have something just like that.

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4.  Taipei 101




Welcome to Taiwan for those of us who haven’t really been there, I would give you a trip whilst you read about the Taipei 101, this is popularly known as the worlds financial center, interesting right? If you look closely you would see some touch of the Chinese and this is simply because it was built by a Chinese architect, well your guess is as good as mine, I was really fascinated at the sight of it.

5.  Shanghai Financial Tower




There is a Tower which is specially created to meet the needs of the people of china and that is this Tower the shanghai financial Tower, its is just an amazing skyscraper which has been made really prominent over the years with significant values added to it, the Tower stands to give hope to the people that someday things would be smoother and easier.

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6.  International Commerce Center




As it sounds that’s just what it is, this is where all the market prices are regulated be it stock or any, it is clear that decisions made here are almost final and nothing could be changed but we know that there is no institution which doesn’t have a bend edge if you understand what I mean.

7.  Petronas Twin Tower




This is the tallest twin tower in the world today as a result it is highly regarded and recognized around the cities capital of Malaysia, its heights about 1483 feet this was authorized by the Prime Minister, it is really beautiful, everyone loves a good place where they can have a nice time.

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8.  Zifeng Tower




Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur well you should look at visiting this tower where they have created nicely dressed rooms to fit everyone. It has compartments such as office space and restaurants, that’s not all it is been created by the same company that created the Burj Khalifa, this project took 5 years to complete and is 1480 feet high.

9.  Kingkey 100




Taking over 4 years to create a wonderful structure would have been a waste if the demands are not met but yet again they broke the record by reaching out to so many and meeting their demand reach, this structure is kingkey finance center where you can get closely anything you need around town. This building has made things really easy.

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10.  Guangzhou International Finance




This is another tower that the Chinese have created and made a home of, the building is 1439 feet tall and has similar characteristics with most of the listed towers, it can be found in China and has 103 floors am sure you know that is really tall right but everything about this place is secured and they have taken the time to ensure that no stone goes unturned, it’s a great city and a great place to be.