Top 10 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches

1.  The Polar RS 800 CX




We would not be speaking on the cost today but we would take you through one of the most magnificent journeys of all time as Polar RS 800 is concerned. This watch has so many features which would really thrill you, especially if you are a sports man, we would recommend this for you. It can calculate your heart rate, speed and distance traveled, well that’s just a bit of what we can take.

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2.  The Seiko Astron Solar GPS Chronograph




As the name implies, this is one of the most sophisticated GPS watch ever created to meet to the immediate needs of every individual, unfortunately it has a high cost value, in other words not a lot of persons can afford it. This watch has the ability to change the time to which every country time you may find yourself and this would function with light or no light, so you have nothing to worry about.

3.  Gear 5




The competitive company is at it again as they have chosen not to relent on their gadgets, this is one of the most amazing thing about them, now let’s take a quick look at what they have created and why they seem to stand out.      It has been designed to be a close substitute for your mobile phone, just for those of us that may not be at a convenient place at the time, you can respond to emails and receive calls via this channel.

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4.  G-Shock




I for one would not let this leave the market without having my personal collection, and yes I got one. I figured that I could be anywhere at any time I want to be without been scared or feeling lost, all I have to do is look into by watch and get the location and time. When I find myself stuck in the dark, I was able to get a hold of the led light which showed me the way out, this is really brilliant.

5.  Apple Smart Watch




This is not one of the most expensive but it has made the list of watches, if you are just a fan of apple products and cannot afford to get yourself any, well I would advise that you take a look at what I call the mini ipad, all on your wrist, you can download applications and work on the device as though you have an ipad. There is no limitation to what you can do with apple.

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6.  HD3 Slyde




Seeing other competitors, I for one would like to tell you this is one of the most innovative watch of all time, they have created this to fit your wrist without buttons, go get yours.

7.  Ziiiro Watch




We are tired of seeing the usual so we took the time out to give you something really different, here we can tell that this watch has no way of telling the time, but there again you are wrong, all you have to do is follow the circle and then you would be pointed to the right direction.

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8.  MB&F




This is the thunder bolt of our time, but needless to say the features are really cool and every part of it has been designed to function in accordance. There is no better looking watch than this aviation inspired watch.

9.  Jerome Steampunk




This is a wild watch that has the face of a monster, actually a wrist monster, it is fully structured to make the user comfortable and would attract anyone that knows a thing or two about wrist watches, so you really need to get a hold on this one, I promise you, you would not let go.

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10.  Sony Ericsson LiveView




Despite the fact that the name doesn’t match its features, the watch tends to give you update on the activities on your mobile phone, without having you to bring it out of your pocket. It is nice but not the best on the list of watches