Top 10 Things People Hardly Know About India

India is a country in Asia that is popular for many things. Although many may say that India is more known for bad stuff than good stuff, still, this country is one that cannot be taken for granted for the great things it has in store.

India, as based on facts and the current situation as compared to any other country in the world, is known for poverty, corruption and crime among other stuff in the list. Over the years of development or non-development, one might take away India from the list of “must go to” countries more than adding it.

It is good enough to live in India, the home of films with much musical in between conversations of characters. Considered as the 7th largest and the 2nd most populous country in the world,

Here are ten things people hardly know about India.

1.  No new clothes on Saturdays


No new clothes on Saturdays


This is just one part of the customs still lived by in India where tons of engineers and scientists originate from and exist. This is aside from having a car blessed before driving it or do not clean the house at night.

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2.  Newspapers still a fad


Newspapers still a fad


In spite of the internet era, newspaper is still a fad or source of information among a big number of Indians nowadays. This is because it is a lot cheaper. Newspaper, after being read, can also be sold for a certain price which is also a way of recycling.

3.  Arranged marriage and a spy


Arranged marriage and a spy


India is a country implementing arranged marriage. It is uncommon for a person in his or her 30’s to be unmarried. There is also a wedding spy or wedding detective. The spy’s main objective is to get information from the friends of family of the soon-to-be groom for the sake of the bride to-be.

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4.  India is in its youth


India is in its youth


 Not known to many, India is said to be in its youth because it is said to be a young country. Of the total Indian population, more than 50% are in their 20’s. Two-thirds of the total population is under the age of 35. This would mean that the country has more youths living in it now.

5.  Plastic chairs everywhere


Plastic chairs everywhere


Convening in public is a common scene. And with plastic chairs too. Many objects in India are made of plastics. Just like what were once earthen pots or jars can now be seen as orange plastic pots. These are commonly used in storing water.

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6.  Anti-spit




There has been an anti-spit campaign throughout India. Sharing saliva in front of many people and in public places is prohibited. There is what they call a spit inspector who is responsible of fining those caught spitting in public or sharing their saliva in a public place.

7.  Gaining weight is a good sign


Gaining weight is a good sign


“You are becoming fat.” This is more of a compliment than just spitting out what is in the mind of a person who sees you have gained weight.

It has been a normal view with Indians having big tummies.

They would gorge in fast food chains not minding how much calories are in the food. Although malnutrition and poverty is everywhere in the country, widening waists is becoming more of a natural sight in Indian cities.

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8.  Ear Cleaners on the roadside


Ear Cleaners on the roadside


Any traveller who has been to India, for one day or so, will be familiar with the activities going on the road side. One of which is the existence of roadside ear cleaners at almost anywhere.

And this is being inventive and resourceful among the Indians.

If ever you break an umbrella on the road, there is always somebody ready to fix it for you in the street. Whenever you need a haircut, you can choose from among the many haircutters who be more than glad to do the service for you. And if you need home service to have your shoe fixed, there will be someone knocking on your door to do it.

9.  Honk OK


Honk OK


Just think of the traffic jam a populated city looks like. And then think how the second most populated country’s major thoroughfares would look like. Traffic jam is a common sight on every street or road in India. This would also include any byways or highways.

After imagining the crowd of vehicles, think of how noisy the honkings are!

In India, honking is promoted. Honking is a signal for the driver ahead that another vehicle is going to overtake. The words “Honk OK please” can be seen everywhere. This is for safety and to avoid accident caused by overtaking.

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10.  Paying taxes is not a must


Paying taxes is not a must


Basically, India is able to operate through farming and cultivating crops. India has a lot of rural areas where more than half of the Indian population reside and have their livelihood.

Agriculture is a sector that is not imposed with tax.

It can be said that more than 50% of Indian people work in this sector, hence they are exempt from being taxed. Aside from farming, India’s manual labor sector is difficult to be monitored for taxation purposes because this sector is not quite organized. Manual labor is almost everywhere in India.