Top 10 Trails of the World

When the time comes, you are going to want to take a scenic walk in order to enjoy life. There are many places to walk, and one of them is the trail. This is a great spot to walk if you favor long walks on the beach and enjoy the summer time sun. The question is where should one go in order to enjoy such a walk? Well, here are 10 amazing trials.

1.  GR34 Footpath, Brittany, France


GR34 Footpath, Brittany, France


Be prepared to be won over by this amazing trail.  With its pink granite coast, long sandy beaches, and a ton of activities including fishing and water sports, this trail will give you all you need on your vacation.

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2.  Cinque Terre Coastal Walk, Italy


Cinque Terre Coastal Walk, Italy


The Cinque Terre Coastal Walk is said to make you fall in love with it once you see it. The land is part of five fishing islands, island in which cars are forbidden. Each of these five islands are connected with each other. They also serve pizza that is cooked over a wood fire.

3.  Lycian, Turkey


Lycian, Turkey


Turkey has a very unique atmosphere, one that would be much harder to find in any other country.  Lycian, a coast in turkey, just adds to such an atmosphere. The trail in Lycian is amazing, for the sole fact that one can walk and sea the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The trail runs from Fethiye to Antalya, and expands to about 540kms of land.

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4.  Gokarna Beach Trek, India


Gokarna Beach Trek, India


The Gokarna Beach will take your breath away and will unravel the many mysterious surrounding India. Gokarna is a small, pilgrim town that is located next to the Arabian sea. Because of this, the town has a large area and has a great Coastal trail for trekking on. One top of having multiple beaches, the beaches are not far from each other. This means that you can travel around the area very quickly. To top it all off, the trail here is very quiet, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your peace and quiet being disturbed while you are walking on this trail.

5.  Anglesey Coastal Path, United Kingdom


Anglesey Coastal Path, United Kingdom


One would never think of the United Kingdom as a hotspot for a Trekking, however it is a popular past time in the United Kingdom. When Trekking most people go to the Anglesey Coastal Path. On this path you can see the ocean. The path is about 200km long .


6.  Kosi Bay Hiking Trail, South Africa


Kosi Bay Hiking Trail, South Africa


Located in the remote region of South Africa, the Kosi Bay Hiking Trail is a great place to visit. The trail is formed via the connection of four lakes, and each of these lakes eventually lead into the Indian Ocean.

7.  The Kalalau Trail, Hawaii


The Kalalau Trail, Hawaii


This is one of the greatest trails to visit for those looking for a great time and for one who enjoys scenery. The cliff has a lush green forest, providing a great view for those walking. The trail has such an effect that it is said to be good for both physical and mental health.

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8.  Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia


The coastline of Sydney is a great spot for those who are looking for a great time. The coast allows you to take a look at the local fauna in both the brush and the ocean. While there you can see little lizards in the brush and whales in the ocean. This coast also provides great food for those who get hungry while on their trip.

9.  The California trails, U.S.A


The California trails, U.S.A


A trail extending from Oregon to the north of Mexico, the California Trails are something worth checking out. The trail is very scenic, as it contains things from beautiful flowers which can be seen across the trail, to lagoons in which you can see the wild life in the area. And for those who don’t want to walk across all of the cost, California trails also have the tallest trees in the world, reaching up to 500ft.

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10.  Fjord Coastal Walks, Norway


Fjord Coastal Walks, Norway


A Fjord is a long narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs and was formed when glaciers eroded the sides. There are vast shorelines across the Fjords of Norway, and can provide a great adventure for those looking for one. While in the Fjords you can hike up dramatic cliffs and look at the ocean from a amazing vantage point. Fjord Walk is a great place to visit for those looking for adventure and excitement.