Top 10 Truly Bizarre Services from Japan

What can you say about sunrise land? Japan is one of the most popular countries when it comes to culture, and it might be the most powerful country in terms of culture popularity. Japan’s popularity grows due to the weird culture. Japan has many services that many people would find really weird. Here are 10 services in japan that would one say, “what”?

1.  Keeping Ex-Lover’s Moments Service


Keeping Ex-Lover’s Moments Service


Having trouble forgetting about your Ex? There is a service for that. This must be the strangest service in japan. These services will hold on to everything your Ex gave you, from gifts to letters.

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2.  Cuddle Cafe


Cuddle Cafe


To many people in japan cuddling is a very popular thing. So popular in fact that some people will go to a shop and cuddle with random strangers they ever meet. For the cost of $364, you can cuddle with a stranger for 7 hours.

3.  Rent-A-Friend Service


Rent-A-Friend Service


In japan, may people feel very, very lonely. And when times are tough and you need a friend, you simply just rent-a-friend. These companies aren’t just for men, but women as well. So if you ever need a friend in japan, you can just rent one.

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4.  Bare Thigh Advertising Space


Bare Thigh Advertising Space


You have a product you want to advertise? Do you want to do it in a unique and strange way? Well in japan you can advertise your product on some woman’s thigh. Many clients will pay women to place their advertisements on their bare legs. They will also post the advertisement on social media.

5.  Wedding Guest Service


Wedding Guest Service


Weddings are highly important in japan. When someone is having a wedding, you have to have as many people as you want there, as many friends as you can, as many family members you can. However sometimes you might not have any friends or family to go to your wedding. So when that happens you can rent guest to come to your wedding. This is so that you can have the wedding you want, with people being happy for your special day.


6.  Solo Wedding Service


Solo Wedding’ Service


Japan has changed in the dynamics of culture. Career women have grown over the years and they place their job over anything else. However the thought of marriage is still something that they want. This is where the Solo Wedding Service comes in. This service gives women the special day they want, without the baggage of a man holding her down. This gives career women the best of both worlds, as they can now still be a career women and still have that special day.

7.  Rent a Foreigner


Rent a Foreigner


Sometimes people in japan want to have the chance to meet a Foreigner, and now the have one. Known as the Gaikokujin Rental, the goal of this service is to help with the education of people in japan on the lives of Foreigners.


8.  Apologizing Service


Apologizing Service


In japan, apologizing is very important when someone has done something wrong. But some people feel so guilty for what they have done that they are afraid to confront the person they hurt. So what do they do? Well they just have to hire someone to apologize for them. These services are made for those who need to apologize but yet can’t really face up to the person they need to apologize to.

9.  Ear-Cleaning Parlor


Ear-Cleaning Parlor


Some times people are just to lazy to do somethings. Sometimes this thing is cleaning your ears. So what do you do in such a situation? Well you go to an Ear-cleaning Parlor of course. These Parlors have women that are willing to clean your ear while you just sit and relax. These parlors just don’t clean ears, but they also serve tea and make small talk with the customers.

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10.  Summer Homework Service


Summer Homework Service


For kids homework can be a very difficult thing, especially for those who are doing it over the summer, seeing as you want to go around relaxing when ever you can get the chance during the summer. Well this is where Summer homework services come in. These services help students do there homework, by doing there home work. This Service grows in popularity not just with students, but also with parents, who are happy to take advantage of the fact that their kids homework will get done.