Top 10 TV Series with Absolutely New Concepts

1.  Strain




This is one movie that has suspense written all over it and that is why in a scene we could tell that over 200 passengers were trapped inside of the plane after which it had landed, I love the feeling it gives making everything look as though it is fine meanwhile it isn’t, at this point the widows were shut and the lights all turn off, it just like a dead plan landed out of nowhere but in reality everyone in the plan was dead.

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2.  Alcatraz




This series dates back to 2012 which is focused on the young actors live and the incidents that took place in 1963, I believe most countries in Africa were not independent at that time, I don’t know just saying though. Take a look on how the guard and the prisoners were transferred from 1963 to the current day San Francisco under the supervision of the government agency, this is so cool.

3.  Falling Skies




Yes it is, the falling skies just like no other. The American series which is fiction based started in 2011 and the producer was no other than the great Steven Spielberg, which the story was centered around fleeing Boston post apocalyptic, this was later destroyed about 6 months after the alien invasion, I just couldn’t get enough of this as I watched closely to my screen. This give the movie 9 nominations over the time.

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4.  Leftovers




Mama would always tell us no to look into the bin for some messed up food and junks but as children we would take that word and practice only the part she said do not, well Leftovers is another new concept series. It is all about some people who lived in a small town, this town they called Mapletown and the key story is based on drama which was produced in 2014.

5.  Terra Nova




2011 was lit for these television series owners. This was aired in homeland Iraq, how funny it sounds that Iraq would air such a movie but yes they did. It is centered around an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency who suffers from bipolar disorder, aww! How sad but that wasn’t the case. They made the series so nice that you would not leave the screen, I guess I forgot the foof on fire couple of times but I did not burn the house.

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6.  Homeland




This is not my personal best but it is one of those series that has really made tv experience fun over the years, homeland aired set in 2011 in the same Iraq that has bombed the other parts of the world, lol just kidding. Yes it aired in Iraq and it really made the screens, most parts of the world were engaged with the movie and I am sure you were too, yes you reading right now!!

7.  Under the Dome




The story of “Under the Dome” is predicated on the novel of an equivalent name written by author King. This tv series was introduced in 2013 and tells the story of atiny low city in America, wherever fields strange power down and place the folks in an exceedingly clear indestructible dome.

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8.  Agents of SHIELD




“Agents of SHIELD” ventilated in 2013 This series has the story supported the Marvel Comics organization defend (Strategic country Intervention supply Division, social control and). this is often peace of fiction and spy agency that deals with a world obsessed superheroes.

9.  Extant




The “Existing” is broadcast in 2014, metropolis Berry series star is concerning Associate in Nursing spaceman. poeciliid Woods. metropolis has vie this role UN agency decides to figure with ISEA (International Agency for house Exploration) for an area mission thirteen months. throughout the mission, she need to recognize that she is pregnant. How? this is often what says the series.

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10.  Awake




“Awake” may be a series of 2012 may be a automotive accident that concerned a detection of the department of local government of la (LAPD), archangel conductor and his family. The results of the accident, forcing archangel to measure in 2 realities. The story appears fascinating, then you must watch this series for a lot of data.