Top 10 U.S. States With The Worst Standard Of Living

1.  Naveda



You would think that Las Vegas is as cool calm and calculated as it is been presented but in its natural sense you must know that this state has the highest of crimes in the United States, like you know it what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, this term has been coined solely to hold down the things that are not clearly said about the state. The media has no words or actions to quantify what this really means.

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2.  Kentucky




When I heard this name at first all that came to mind was the Kentucky fried chicken which by the way is making wave, anyways this state has the highest level of Tobacco takers who have been able to hold on to this for a long time, over the years they have been records on the number of death rate and the likes but most of which is what we know today as cancer, due to the amount of tobacco intake. The populous takes this a way of easing their nerves, but that’s not a fact.

3.  Alabama




Just as it is said by other states that you can be protected from the flaws of the nation, here we can see that Alabama isn’t just one of those states, be you a minority, or above 40 you must understand that this is one state that has a low rate of public discrimination, in other words you can freely do what you please and no one would stop you at any time, this act has caused a lot of death over the years.

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4.  Mississippi




During our days in school we always looked up to this place in the United States and went as far as creating a song that would last in the hearts of so many children today, this said you must also know that what we were told as kids isn’t what is. This state is regarded as one of the most unhealthy states in America as a whole, the most die of Obesity and other terminal illness, don’t forget that majority of the blues we hear today are from this state.

5.  Indiana




It is not really a lot to talk about based on this state as the state values are not clearly stated and has created a problem for rating, this doesn’t mean that the state is cleared from the challenges that obesity is on of their majors just like every other state, in as much as this is bad the truth is not everyone understands.

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6.  Tennessee




I know that we have said things about crime rates, this city is no different from what is already in existence, you would just think that the crime rate is all about it but then again the state cries out for volunteers for the Night watch program in other to reduce the levels, considering this, you would have to know that cancer and smoking isn’t just far from them, you can go ahead to say they are not scared of what happens to them.

7.  Louisiana




When I heard a thing or two about this state I couldn’t stop laughing, the state has created a landmark over the years and this has really crippled things from what they were, you need to know that the rate of child poverty here is really high and in as much as you would say it’s not possible, take your time and check the papers. This is one of the most worse states in the United States of America, to the extent that LGBT are at the verge of loosing their mind based on the laws created.

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8.  Oklahoma




Let me take you down this path where we can see that Oklahoma is suffering from so many things and to state one would be the fact that the cows are rated one of the highest in population compared to the amount of people who are actually leaving in the state, you must also know that the state has bad health care facilities and doctors are not really seen around. If you ever thought you could visit this state what I would say to you is you should try again.

9.  Missouri




I love this state having to know that a lot of friends live over there but the sad part is that not a lot of them find it every peaceful and this is one of the reasons why they have made the list, it is known for its crime rates, unclean air, and dirt’s around the city, although this is not experienced by everyone doesn’t mean that it is not happening.

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10.  Arkansas




You would think that just because they call it the Natural state, you should get the best of it but that is totally false as the people here are suffering and dying.