Top 10 Unique Elevators in the World

1.  AquaDom Elevator


AquaDom Elevator


AquaDom at the Radisson Blu lodging in Berlin-Mitte, Germany is a Berlin Sea Life Center fascination. It is a straightforward lift at the focal point of an aquarium of 82 feet, world’s biggest round and hollow tank, with acrylic glass securing around 260,000 gallons of seawater and more than 1,500 distinctive fish of 97 species which are nourished around 18 pounds of sustenance consistently by three to four jumpers.

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2.  Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevators, Germany


Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevators, Germany


This is one unique elevator which brings its passengers to the top of the roof. The elevator which is amazingly sleek with pill-shape, the elevator cabs is designed to transport its users up the atrium (to the roof).

3.  Bailong, Zhangjiajie, China


Bailong, Zhangjiajie, China


China’s famous external outdoor elevator amazingly built into a cliff. The elevator is used to transporting its riders up to about one thousand feet in height where they get to see quartzite sandstone pillars. Many bets it’s always fun!

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4.  Autostadt Silos


Autostadt silos


The Autostadt Silos is situated in Wolfsburg, Germany, by the home base of Volkswagen. It is an auto carport in various levels, however includes no driving. A transport line conveys a completed auto in the Volkswagen production line down an underground passage of a large portion of a mile to one of the storehouses of 200 feet, to be picked by the lift, and set in an open space. This lift framework does not require driving.

5.  Falkirk Wheel, Scotland


 Falkirk Wheel, Scotland


The Falkirk wheel in Scotland takes its pride as the one and only boat elevator with a rotational feature. Though the elevator isn’t designed for humans, the gigantic elevator built in the year 2002 for the transportation of boats between two canals remains one of its kinds in the whole world.

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6.  Hammetchwant Lift, Switzerland


Hammetchwant Lift, Switzerland


Which elevator takes its riders along a rock path in between Lake Lucerne and the Hammetchwant lookout point above, creating amazing views? Which other elevator in Switzerland if not the same which is widely known as the breathtaking elevator with the most awesomeness reserved for the best exterior elevator in all of Europe. The Hammetchwant Lift is on our number six for its awesomeness!

7.  Louvre Elevator


Louvre Elevator


The city of Paris in France is recorded to housing a standout amongst the most extraordinary lifts on the planet, open-topped lift that is powerfully controlled. The Louvre Museum’s elevator has a cutting edge outline, and is a point of interest of Paris, as it takes a smooth and calm method for rearranging all through the historical center. At the point when the roundabout stage stops, visitors get the opportunity to step onto the slide-out walkway that shows up for them to board.

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8.  Globen Skyview 


Globen Skyview


The Ericsson Globe is situated in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the biggest hemispherical working on the planet. It has a stature of 279 feet and a distance across of 361 feet. On the outer side of the half of the globe, there are SkyView glass gondolas that give the riders a 20 min trip along the bend to the highest point of the globe. A standout amongst the most one of a kind lifts on the planet, the Sky View gives the best perspective of horizon.

9.  Bird Cage Elevator


Bird Cage Elevator


The Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator, at the Victoria Museum, is North America’s longest managed working birdcage lift. This gallery once housed the Provincial Law Courts, and the lift was intended for second Chief Justice of the British Columbian Supreme Courts, Theodore Davie, who didn’t get the chance to utilize it. Its gold outside and blue grillwork have been kept up for over a century.

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10.  Rising Tide Elevator


rising tide elevator


In the event that you expect going to the MS Oasis of the Seas; the biggest journey ship on the planet then you can’t miss the rising tide. It is the main lift that is joined to serve as a bar, too. The lift interfaces the Central Park deck of the boat to its Royal Promenade, boasting of capacity of up to thirty five riders. The two-story trip in the lift takes 8 min, which gives enough time to getting a charge out of a consummately made mixed drink.