Top 10 Unnerving YouTube Channels

1.  Edward Muscare



He is regarded and charged on various notes as the case may be, one of which would be his consistent sexual abuse, this has created a patch in his life over the years to the point whereby he was officially banned off the internet, this was carried out by the court. Yet Mr Edward found his way to making to getting the internet back and running eventually he got caught again and dragged back to court. Weird right? But I think I like him.

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2.  Agamemnon Counterpart



This is really disturbing, come to think of if having to create something that ought to help others but rather it would just get you totally pissed off, despite the fact that this clip is not really long but its effect has not limits, I am really disappointed in the creator of this and I am sure you are planning on going to watch this after reading this, anyways feel free to check it out and come back with your remarks.

3.  Dining room or there is nothing



Only the sound of the name is scary not to speak of the content of the clip, now we have to take a close look at this and ask ourselves, why can’t we just get to use the internet for something better other than this? The maker just finds it more pleasing to make the videos one minute each and I would believe that he is trying to make users get more engaged with his prank as i would love to call it.

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4.  The Wyoming Incident



If you know any hacker then you would know that they are just creepy individuals who believe they can sit behind the screen and make people do things their way, well in this case the clip is short but yet passes a strong message, in all they have been able to successfully shake the hearts of the general population. Give it a try and let us know if you could stand watching this.

5.  Baby laugh a lot



Not really a lot to say in the case of this commercial but in the general not you would have to agree with me that it is illogical and useless having to create a doll that does this weird laughter and now we have everyone infected by it. Well I did not laugh over this because I did not find it interesting not the slightest bit.

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6.  Username : 666



It feels like the devil just has a way of getting his way through other people, this might be through but let us keep an open mind towards it. Now we have this to deal with, am so glad the channel has been banned off YouTube but yet is has created a stigma in the minds of many.

7.  Mass of Daddy long leg in a tree



Even in Africa they have people who would go out there and make sure that some stories are told, the user of this channel however created it to let the world see a bit of what he or she has experienced over the years and now it is time for them to make the changes that they know people have been waiting for, hope you love the clip when you see it, but I must warn you, do not have food in your mouth while watching this.

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8.  Bedfellows



I would have said that I love this a bit but at this point I do not find it really necessary to make such comment, they have created this to show the fears of so many individuals who think that some level of intimacy can create a patch in you life leading to vulnerability to each other and this should not be.

9.  Don’t move



This is another trick on the underworld, created by a group of children who feel they can say anything about the life underneath the earth and go freely.

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10.  The Swedish Rhapsody



The name sounds really nice but it shows that way messages are been passed around the world using broadcast systems and they make use of music, numbers and some creepy sounds to communicate, my question to you now is, does it mean that even my text could be gotten off the Internet during transmission?