Top 10 Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

1.  They Don’t Want to Have Children




Just as we know it, most individuals find it difficult to stand children, all they say is that they are busy or they don’t think it is the right time. Well in come context you would agree with me that having children that you would not take care of is a waste of time and that could lead to a level of hatred between the parents and the child. It is best that you stay away from it the best way you can, if you can.

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2.  Money Problem




When factors are considered the work load could be much on one party, looking at the position that money and economy challenges could influence the choice we make when planning a family, to me that is a limitation of the mind but I cannot speak for everyone.

3.  Health Challenges




Like we know this might not be considered selfish in every sense, if you have health issues and it affects your reproduction plans, then I don’t think you are selfish, many people struggling with health issues are really lucky to even take care of themselves not to speak of having children, how would they try to balance the two and we know that children can be a lot of work when you have them at the early stage.

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4.  Genetic Disease




When this comes to mind it is one of the most challenging times of any individuals life, having to want something and you cannot get it regardless of the facts that are clearly stated, it is unavoidable that the kind of disease could be a limitation to the things you can achieve in the terms of having a happy home with children just running all around, well in this case you won’t be selfish for not having a child or children, maybe we should blame something else.

5.  Mental illness




You see, what we don’t know we can’t control. When you are faced with a partner who has some mental disorder that could be the time of your life, knowing that they just might be unconscious of the facts that they are not meeting up to the requirements as stated. If you have a partner in this position all you need to do is focus on your partner, every other thing would be secondary.


6.  Dependence




When a family is faced with so many responsibilities, they tend to forget or skip out on most other things which should be important to them, in this sense, when you have a lot of people that are looking up to you for most of their financial aids, you tend to concentrate on them and leave out the one which is to help you when your kneels are fable. Don’t lose yourself in finding others.

7.  Demanding Jobs




Having to work for a long time could be a reason why a lot of individuals find it hard to settle In with children, all you need to know is that the nature of your job could either be a blessing or a curse, if you are the type of person that has made up your mind not to have any child then this shouldn’t be so much of a big deal to you. In the general sense choose a job that is less demanding and then you can have a family.

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8.  They Are Single




Hmm, I don’t think having to speak of this would be necessary as we know that they headline said most of it, looking at the better side of it you would understand that been single is enough work on its own, no to speak of been single and then thinking of kids, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone. If you are single, work towards marriage and then you can plan on having children, but ensure not to try it when you not married.

9.  They Can’t Adopt




Understanding that in most countries it is really difficult going through the adoption stages, the documentation and all could take you away from everything that you have planned out.

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10.  Infertility




This is a narrowing factor that has left a lot of people without children, you should know that if you are in this position, don’t be too hard on yourself, you could pick of the other options, pretty much having to go through the stress of adoption.