Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

Earth is a strange place to live. Throughout all of man kinds history, there have been things that have been mysteries to us. Because of this we have done research into learning about how the world works. However sometimes there are mysterious that have yet to be solved and still peak human curiosity. Here are 10 of the greatest unsolved mysteries.

1.  Area 51


Area 51


Officially, Area 51 is a remote facility used by the United States Air Force. However, it is known for holding aliens and is said to be a hot spot for alien activity. On top of the rumors, it is also very secret and one can even get in trouble for working there.  The remote location can be found in Nevada.

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2.  City of Atlantis




Atlantians is a lost city which existence is known due to its mention in Plato’s work.  Though rocks and bridges have been found, it still remains uncertain whether or not that the city exists. The story is that the city sunk under water, but by how is another mystery. Some say the god sunk it, others say and earthquake leveled the city into the water.

3.  Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the world. It is about a section of ocean in the western North Atlantic where ships and aircrafts have suddenly disappeared under deeply suspicious circumstances. Examples of these disappearances include  the Flight 19”, a group of 5 bombers who went on a routine training exercise in 1945  and the case of the USSCyclops, a US Navy boat that disappeared in 1918 with all 309 crew on board.


4.  Shugborough Inscription


Shugborough Inscription


An 18th century Shepherd’s Monument located in Staffordshire, there was a place.called the Shugborough Inscription.It is a recreation of a famous painting known as Arcadian Shepherds. This painting contains a bizarre series of letters. and even the greatest minds were not able to solve it.

5.  Phaistos Disc


Phaistos Disc


The famous puzzle was found in 1908 in the Minoan palace of Phaistos. It’s made of a type of fired clay. Mysterious symbols have been writen all over it, and is believed to have been created around second millennium BC. Despite the progress in decoding the disc, there is still a problem in translating it, thanks to ancient Crete known as Linear A.

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6.  The Immortal Count


The Immortal Count


This is said to be a man that kept showing up in history. He is said to have worked with the likes of King Lous XV and George Washington. It is rumored that he was born in the 1700’s and was seen in alchemy labs. In the 21st century it is said that he is connected with the Illuminati, and that immortality has been discovered, but has been undisclosed for reasons.

7.  Kryptos




Kryptos is a mysterious encrypted sculpture designed by artist Jim Sanborn which sits right outside the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Va. The code is hard to crack, in fact the CIA still hasn’t solved it. They have solved 3 of the lines of code, but the fourth is still yet to be known.


8.  Pollock Twins




Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock were twin sisters that died a tragic young death in England when a car struck them as they walked towards their Sunday church. Words could not describe how upset the parents were in this situation. A year later, Mrs. Pollock was pregnant. The father insisted that the babies were twins, despite doctors saying otherwise. During the day of birth, the twins came out looking identical to the twins the day they died. This has risen questions about the possibility of reincarnation. The behaved the same way the Pollock twins did and even played with the same toys. This has brought up questions on how such a mystery could happen.

9.  The Great Attractor




The great attractor is a cosmic phenomenon that ignores all laws of science and astronomy. Our galaxy (milkyway) is constantly expanding and different solar systems in it are going farther away from each other. Now the great attractor is a new mystery because of our increasing understanding of space. Everything in space has a tract to follow due to gravitational influences of already known objects like sun, moons, clusters, nebula, black holes, etc. However great attractor is different, as it has an unknown vacuum with a central mass bigger than anything known before. The vacuum is big enough to suck up everything, and we are moving towards it. Not being avle to solve this Mystery could poses a threat to our existence.

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10.  Doppelgangers




Ever see someone who looked like you before? Than you might have seen a doppelganger. It is said that every individual has an identical but demonic twin that roams a parallel universe living its life the exact way that the person in question is. Researchers have noticed that the idea of doppelgangers somewhat explains the phenomena of déjà vu and an  unseen presence which is the Doppelganger which is following us everywhere and materializes only when something uneventful or extremely terrible happens to  the individual. And example is the case of Emily Stagee, where 50 students witnessed her doppelganger with a black shadow that enveloped her writing on the black board whereas she sat in her garden pulling out weeds.